Set Sail with Update 38: A New Type of Real Estate – Your Own Ship!

ESO Fair Winds Ship House Crown Store
With the release of Update 38, Elder Scrolls Online players will have the opportunity to own a unique type of real estate - their very own ship!

Your Very Own Ship!

While it’s not a luxury yacht, it is close!  Fair Winds will be available with Update 38.  This unique ‘house’ will be added to ESO’s collection of unique real estate available for purchase in the crown store.  Furnished and unfurnished versions are available.   The images included in this article are from the furnished version.  As with any notable home in ESO, the Fair Winds includes a large number of furnishing slots for players to customize and decorate as they see fit. The ship theme is carried throughout the home, with items like anchor motifs, ship’s wheel decorations, and sea-inspired paintings. 

Plenty of Room

As with all notable homes, Fair Winds has plenty of room.  Offering multiple including crew quarters, the captain’s quarters, a galley, and a cargo hold.  In addition to the ship-themed decor, the Fair Wind includes many other furnishings and interactive objects too. As a notable home, the Fair Winds has a total capacity of 350 furnishing slots.

Fair Winds Home Port

Fair Winds is located in the Systres Isles.  Players can fast-travel to their home from anywhere in the game world, making it a convenient place to store items or rest between adventures. Notable homes also provide a sense of accomplishment and status, as they require more effort to acquire than standard player homes.

Take hold of the wheel and you’ll be presented with an opportunity to travel to either of the three alliance ports!  That’s right, Vukhel Guard, Davon’s Watch, or Dagerfall City Docks are all available to dock your ship!

Other Unique Features

If you’re not sold on Fair Winds yet, then maybe enjoying the view from the Crow’s Nests will change your mind.  While my maiden voyage had foggy weather, you can see that you’ll have great views from these vantage points.  Simply approach the rigging and you will have the option to ascend to the crow’s nest.

And lastly, and most unique to this ship, is the windows!  For the first time in ESO, you can actually see THROUGH the windows!  What fun housing decorators will have with the ability to utilize this great new feature.  

Overall, the Fair Winds notable home in ESO will be a popular choice among players who want a unique and luxurious housing experience. Its ship-themed design, oceanfront location, and spacious layout make it a great choice for players who love the sea and want to create a personalized space in the game.

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