Explorer’s Celebration In-Game Event Now Live Until March 22

ESO Explorers Celebration Event 2022
Explorers of Tamriel will earn extra Experience Points, extra gold, extra harvest nodes! Join this in-game event now until March 22 10am EDT.

Earn XP, $$, and Increased Harvest Node Drops

While it’s true you don’t really need a reason to explore Tamriel, ESO has come through with some pretty good motivation.

Starting yesterday, March 17, and ending Tuesday, March 22, you can enjoy all kinds of extra bonuses during the Explorer’s Celebration in-game event. 

Explorers will enjoy increased drops from all harvest nodes.  This does not include fishing or creature drops such as leathers.

Explorers will receive a 100% XP gain from EVERY source.  This amazing bonus will stack with other XP boosts such as scrolls or group multipliers.

Explorers will also receive 100% more gold earned from monster skills, quest rewards, and other similar sources.

All these bonuses are available to anyone in any zone all across Tamriel.  But do note that this is not a ticket event and there are no unique achievements or collectibles rewarded.   So get out there and reap the rewards!

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