Shaky Job Prospects In Embervine in Galen and Y’ffelon

ESO Galen and Y'ffelon Location Map Embervine Delve
Embervine is one of two delves in the Firesong DLC's area of Galen and Y'ffelon. Explore Embervine with Shaky Job Prospects to be rewarded.


Shaky Job Prospects

Outside the entrance to Embervine, you will encounter Hierot Birlan.  He is performing a mineral survey for House Mornard but needs help with the Firesong Druids that are occupying the Embervine cave.  The druids are using magical crystals to open fissures.  Destroying the crystals will stop them.  

Embervine Location

Travel slightly southeast of the Llanshara Wayshrine to find Embervine delve.  The entrance can be tricky to locate as it in recessed in a cliff wall.  This delve includes one boss and one skyshard as notated on the map.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Embervine Explorer achievement.

Inside Embervine

Embervine is inhabited by shalks, bull-horned magma frogs, and many Firesong Druids.  There are several levels including the Upper Vista, the Outer Caverns, the Inner Caverns, and the Upper Jungle.  The skyshard is located on the Jungle Overlook and the easiest way to reach the delve boss is to drop down from the skyshard location.

Traux the Ancient and Druid Rerlas

When you first encounter Druid Revlas and Traux the Ancient, Traux tongue-lashes the Druid and appears to swallow him.  Traux the Ancient is a large bull-horned magma frog.  Traux kicks, jumps, spits poison, and tongue lashes.  He also creates small aoes with flaming rocks.  Avoid the aoes as much as possible.  Ranged attacks work well.  Once Traux is defeated, Druid Revlas reappears.  He uses ranged attacks with a flame staff.  He also summons Magma Familiars to battle for him.  Focus on the familiars, and the druid is easily defeated.

Completing Shaky Job Prospects

After destroying the druid crystals and defeating the delve, return to Hierot.  He rewards you with gold and the Crystalbreaker’s Belt.  This is a heavy armor waist piece that is part of the Bastian of the Draoife.

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