Update 32 & The Deadlands DLC Now Live

Deadlands DLC & Update 32 Live On PC
November 1, 2021

Live On PC/Mac November 1 – Deadlands DLC & Update 32

2021 has brought us the Gates of Oblivion adventure in Tamriel.  Now, in the 4th quarter, we usher in The Deadlands DLC (downloadable content) which begins the cataclysmic conclusion of the year-long adventure.

Released Monday morning (EST), the Deadlands and Update 32 are now live on the PC/Mac servers and Stadia.  November 16 is the expected release date for console players (Xbox and Playstation).

Daedric Prince

The Beginning Of The End

Beginning with The Flames of Ambition DLC in February 2021, we are now nearing this epic story’s conclusion with this latest release.  Mehrunes Dagon’s plans for the Blackwood Chapter were delayed but the time has come for Tamriel’s most brave heroes to face this Daedric Prince of Destruction within his own realm.  

Grave Excellence Mask

But First You Should Quest

Available in the Crown Store is the prologue quest ‘An Apocalyptic Situation’.  This quest takes place in the region of Greenshade.  This prologue is free to download in the Crown Store and rewards those who complete it with the Grave Excellence Mask. 

The Deadlands DLC does have its own storyline but there are THREE bonus quests that can be unlocked ONLY if you completed the Blackwood and Deadlands main questlines first.  The exclusive quests will give you an opportunity to put a stop to Mehrunes’ dreaded plans – or attempt to.

Fargrave Is A Metropolis

Fargrave Is A City Like No Other

Fargrave is a brand-new addition to the ESO universe.  It is a colorful metropolis.  Fargrave has huge skeletons looming overhead and it’s busting with Daedra marketing their wares on the streets.  Further odd is that this is the first time creatures and mortals stand side by side when they previously were only known as enemies. 

Fargrave Adventurers

I think players will love getting to know Daedra as people rather than just enemies. Fargrave gives us a chance to really dig into the Daedric mind and all the weird, contradictory impulses that make them different from mortals. After visiting Fargrave, players will have a much better understanding of the alien nature of Oblivion.

A Guided Deadlands DLC Tour With Developers

In this video I am joined by TWO of the ESO developers! We have Jeremy Sera, Lead Content Designer, Tom Murphy, Zone Lead, and we also have another ESO Stream Team Partner @Dawnwhisper! Be sure to check out her channel for more ESO content, linked here! Today we finally enter the DEADLANDS!

We are taken on a guided tour of the NEW DLC Q4 2021! The developers explain and show to us both sides of the Deadlands, talk about the Armory system, Lore, and of course ROAMING bosses! As well as going over the reasons and workflow approaches to nail all of these amazing new visual designs for these areas.  You do NOT want to miss this!!

Fargrave Landscape

Gear Farmers Rejoice With Update 32

Patch 32 is loaded with quality of life improvements for this amazing game.  One extremely exciting change will be Curated Item Set Drops.  Gone are the days of luck when farming for that must-have piece.  Item drops will now curate to your individual needs.  You can find more detailed information in this prior article.

Armory Station

Armory Station Is A Must-Have Furnishing

Free to everyone, this amazing piece of furniture will unlock your ability to save your build!  2 FREE slots are standard but more slots can be purchased through the Crown Store for only 1500 crowns each.  If you are unsure how this works, please view this in-depth article.

Armory Station Example

Hybridization Is Here

Sets that grant Weapon or Spell Damage now grant both!  Sets that grant Physical or Spell Penetration now grant both!  And sets that grant Weapon or Spell Critical ratings now grant both!   Proc sets can now critically hit! 

Proc sets (except for Zaan and Relequen) now have a place in the game to compete against high damage rotations and builds.  Every set that scales from Weapon and Spell Damage can now CRIT!  This essentially means that PVE players can do more damage from fun procs while PVP players using the Impenetrable trait now have a VALID way of protecting themselves against proc sets.

Not sure what I’m talking about?  Get all the beginner’s information you need with these guides.

Even More Info Coming Soon

Please be sure to check back often as I update builds and dive deeper into all the new content The Elders Scrolls Online has delivered to us!

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