Almost Immortal Warrior Video & Written Guide Updated For The Deadlands!

November 23, 2021
The Almost Immortal Warrior PVE Dragonknight Tank build is back for the Deadlands DLC in the Elder Scrolls Online! That's right, this 4-5 year old constantly updated build, has made it all this way and stronger than ever ready to take on whatever the Deadlands DLC can throw at it! 

Year After Year This DK Is Still Immortal

Tough as nails, VERY hard to kill, solid face tanking beast and NOW he can buff too!? Not only has this got the BASIC set up but I also demonstrate in the video how to utilize the new armory system to swap this to cater for ANY situation/group.

Updated Video For The Deadlands DLC

With the new Armory System, you can now easily swap gear around with 4 different versions of the build at a click of a button! This works flawlessly for ALL content whether you are a dungeon tank or a trials tank, this can do it all! Enjoy being the toughest face tank in the game.  If you’d like to learn even more about the Armory Station, visit this recent article.

Updated for The Deadlands DLC, this video will walk you through Skills, Passives, Gear, Champion Points, and even fashion.

You Play Your Way With 4 Gear Combos

The written guide includes 4 gear setups for different situations.  Choose from a Group Healing Setup with a Mythic, a Group Empowering Setup with a Mythic, a Resist Shredder Setup without a Mythic, or a Group Resistance Buffing Setup without a Mythic.

You can find the written guide here.

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