Dark Stone Hollow World Bosses From The Ascendant Order

ESO High Isle and Amenos World Boss Ascendant Execution and Ascendant Harrower at Dark Stone Hollow
Dark Stone Hollow is home to the Ascendant Executioner and the Ascendant Harrower. Learn how to defeat this formidable pair of world bosses.

Ascendant Order World Boss Pair

Event Tickets can be earned in the Witches Festival by defeating different types of bosses.  One such boss is the world boss.  

What Is A World Boss?

World bosses are powerful enemies often with their own unique abilities.  They sometimes require groups of players to overcome.  World bosses in DLC zones are significantly harder than other base game bosses.

ESO Map Icon World Boss

On your map, world bosses appear with a blackened skull and crossed swords icon.  Once the world boss is defeated, the world boss icon turns white.

Ultimate Zone Guides

World bosses are generally intended to be group events and some bosses have specific mechanics that allow them to be more easily defeated.  In the Ultimate Zone Guides, you will find what you need to know about each of the world bosses for each zone.  The zone guides contain lots of other information about each zone too.  

Ascendant Executioner And Ascendant Harrower at Dark Stone Hollow

Located southeast of the Stonelore Grove Wayshrine, the Ascendant pair is a formidable flag-wearing foe.  The Ascendant Executioner seems to be less aggressive than the Ascendant Harrower.

Mechanics Notes

These two also summon Shadow Wraiths, Blade Masters, Shade Callers and Vanguards.  From time to time, one or both will be covered in a glowing orb that seems to protect them temporarily.  The Ascendant Harrower has a long path-type aoe while the Ascendant Executioner jumps into the air leaving a circular aoe for his landing area.  Be wary of the Shadow Wraith as it does explode but there is a tell – you will see red lines shooting from the wraith prior to it imploding.  Focus on the adds first while avoiding as much of the aoe as possible.

Achievement Earned

ESO Achievement Harrow the Harrowers

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Harrow The Harrowers achievement.

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