FREE DLC, Pet, Mount, Seals, & More!

ESO March 2024 Daily Rewards Schedule Crown Crates Seals of Endeavor Mount Pet
March's Daily Login Rewards are jam packed! You can get Seals of Endeavor, a free non-combpat pet, a free mount, and a FREE DLC! Orsinium is FREE this month!

Daily Rewards

Each month ESO offers a group of daily rewards.  These rewards are awarded to each just for logging in!  They offer quite a large variety of items including gold, resins, Alliance Points, potions, Tel Var Stones, and more.

The month of March 2024 is exciting!  Not only can you get Seals of Endeavor, but you also can get crown crates, a pet, a mount, and a FREE DLC!

Orsinium DLC is FREE!

The region of Wrothgar is the primary focus of the Orsinium DLC.  This can be acquired for FREE just by logging into The Elder Scrolls Online for two days.  That’s right – Day 2 log-in rewards is the Orsinium DLC!

If you are an ESO Plus member you too will soon get an extra reward.  You can claim the Scions of Ithelia Collector’s Bundler for FREE during the first two-weeks of your platform’s launch.  This bundle not only grants you access to the dungeon DLC game pack, but also includes the Ashbone Sabre Cat mount,t he Ashbone Echalette pet, and five Crown Experience Scrolls.  Please note that this is not automatic.  You must visit the Crown Store to claim it.

Day 7 Rewards

Log-in rewards for Day 7 are a total of 500 Seals of Endeavor!  Note that even if you miss a day, this is still easily accomplished.  You only need to log in to the game for 7 days to receive this reward.

Day 14 Rewards

Log-in rewards for Day 14 is the Craglorn Welwa Pet!  Again, this is completely free and you can get it just for logging in.

ESO Iron Orce Welwa Mount Free March 2024 Daily Rewards

Day 21 Rewards

Log-in rewards for Day 21 is the Iron Orc Welwa Mount!  This is completely free just for logging in.

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