Crafter’s Celebration is LIVE!

ESO Update 40 Jewelry Crafting Artwork
Today ESO launched a brand new in-game event called Crafter's Celebration! Get additional rewards for crafting, deconstructing, and transmuting!

Now Until February 20

Beginning 2/15, join a new ESO in-game mini-event called Crafter’s Celebration.  This event will run until February 20, 2024, at 10am EST.  You can earn additional rewards for all things crafting including gathering, deconstructing, or transmuting.  

The specifics are as follows:

  • get an additional 100% Inspiration gain to all crafting skill lines
  • get an additional 100% Writ Vouchers earned from Master Writs created during the event
  • get increased drops from harvest nodes – this does not include fishing or creature drops such as leather
  • get a 50% reduction in Transmute Crystal costs for changing item traits
  • get an increased chance of receiving improvement materials such as Tempering Alloy or Mastic when deconstructing equipment of an appropriate rarity

All players will earn these bonuses all across Tamriel!  The only requirement is for transmutation – this requires a Transmute Station that can be found in the Clockwork City DLC game pack or available for player homes.

Please note that this is NOT an Event Ticket event.  No unique quests, achievements, nor collectibles are associated with this event.  Additionally, the Impresario will also not be avaiable.

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