Earn The Coral-Smasher Mace In Coral Cliffs

ESO High Isle And Amenos Delve Guide Coral Cliffs
Explore Coral Cliffs and earn the Coral-Smasher, a mace from the Steadfast Mettle armor set!

Coral Cliffs

Under the stewardship of the Eldertide druids, Coral Cliff’s shoreline teems with beauty and life. Unfortunately, outsiders rarely live long enough to see it.

Coral Conundrum

Located in the northeastern area of the island of High Isle, the nearest wayshrine to the Coral Cliffs delve is the Flooded Coast Wayshrine.  From there, travel slightly northwest.  You will encounter Seargent Brusic who explains that his ship was attacked by coral.  He further explains that he was transporting Sea Elf prisoners but doesn’t know what happened to everyone else.

Sergeant Brusic says the other sentry named Veslyn and the prisoners must be inside the delve.  He asks for your help and says that House Mornard will see that you are compensated for your efforts.

Coral Cliffs Map

There are three interior levels to the Coral Cliffs delve.  You have locations to visit on each of these levels to locate the sentry and the prisoners.  The skyshard location is also notated on the map.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss Madena Bracques will reward you with the Coral Cliffs Explorer achievement.

Inside Coral Cliffs

This delve is an open area with lots of cliffs.  The enemies inside the delve were primarily Eldertide Vinecallers and Eldertide Castcombers who are pirates and they are easily defeated.  You will also encounter Coraldrift Bears which take a little more work to defeat.

You are tasked with destroying 3 pieces of corrupted coral and finding Veslyn and her prisoners.  Proceed to the areas marked on the map.

Madena Bracques

The boss of this delve is Madean Bracques.  Madena uses a fire staff and can set the ground on fire.  She also summons Hackwings which are annoying mini-dragons that can swarm you if you’re not careful.  During the battle, Madena’s human form dies, and she transforms into a wooden atronach.  Totems appear and must be destroyed as they power the atronach.  Focus on the totems while avoiding the aoes on the ground.

The Rescue Complete

After you exit the delve, Sergeant Brusic promised to inform House Mornard of your help and rewards you with gold, and the Coral-Smasher mace.  This mace is part of the Steadfast’s Mettle set.

ESO In-Game Icon Armor Set Piece Mace

Steadfast’s Mettle

  • 2 items adds 129 Stamina Recovery
  • 3 items adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
  • 4 items adds 1096 Maximum Stamina
  • 5 items while you have a food buff active, reduce the cost of your Core Combat abilities by 25%

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