An ‘Infinite Archive’ From Your Favorite Streamer & Anyone NOT Mike

Endless Archive Comedy Video Clip
Take a sneak peek into the ESO's Update 40 Infinite Archive with this hilarious montage with your favorite streamer and anyone NOT Mike!

Update 40’s Endless Archive On PTS

In this exciting video gameplay montage showcasing the newly introduced Endless Archive now available on the Public Test Server (PTS), Xynode embarks on a thrilling solo adventure with his Lazy Sorc, putting various features and mechanics to the test. Amidst the action-packed gameplay, Xynode encounters his beloved adversaries, the Harvesters, resulting in some unforgettable moments. Additionally, he takes on the challenge of teaching us the correct pronunciation of intricate boss names, brimming with a multitude of letters, making this experience not only entertaining but also educational!

The Endless Archive can be run solo OR with a companion or group member.  You can learn more about the Endless Archive in this previous article

Teamwork makes the dream work as the incredibly popular streamer, mikemacon, joins forces with Xynode in a gaming extravaganza like no other! With Xynode taking on the role of the formidable DPS and Mike stepping into the shoes of a stalwart tank, these two gaming aficionados dive headfirst into the heart-pounding adventure that is the Endless Archive.

As the digital landscape unfolds before their eyes, the duo faces a barrage of relentless perils, each more challenging than the last. From battling ferocious foes to navigating treacherous terrain, their synergy and camaraderie are on full display as they tackle whatever challenges the Endless Archive throws their way with one exception – finding books!

Keep Tuning In

PTS testing will continue as ESO makes tweaks and adjustments to Update 40.  Remember that Update 40 is a FREE base game update available to ALL ESO players!  Update 40 base-game patch, including the Endless Archive, arrives on October 30 for PC/Mac and November 14 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles.  

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