Celestial Crown Crates Available Today

December 9, 2021
Get ready to gaze towards the stars! These amazing Celestial gifts are waiting to be seized in Crown Crates released today in the Crown Store!

What Heavenly Rewards Are These?

ESO added today NEW Celestial Crown Crates!  While they aren’t showing us everything yet, they have given us a heavenly sneak peek.

Those who wander Tamriel in search of answers need only look to the night sky. Guardians, omens, and sacred signs drift overhead ceaselessly, offering wisdom to any who seek it. For some, however, wisdom is not enough. Avatars of the constellations—Celestials—wield power that even the greatest sorcerers can scarcely comprehend. Now, their gifts are just within reach.  The time has come to gaze skyward and seize the blessings of the stars!”

Starting today, December 9 at 10am EST, new Celestial Crown Crates will be available in the Crown Store.  As with most all of the goodies The Elder Scrolls Online brings us, these will be available for a limited time.

Nebulous Star-Born Steed Mount
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Nebulous Star-Born Steed Mount

Starchaser Senche Mount

Star-chaser Senche Mount
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Celestial Ram Mount
Click Image To Enlarge

Celestial Ram Mount

Star-born Guardian Bear Mount

Star-Born Guardian Bear Mount
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We also have a sneak peek at a new costume, a new head marking, a new skin, and a returning favorite pet!

Click the images below to enlarge them.  

Elder Dragon Hunter Wolf Pup Pet
Elder Dragon Hunter Wolf Pup Pet
Celestial Robes Costume
Celestial Robes Costume
Azure Eyes Head Marking
Azure Eyes Head Marking
Astral Sheen Skin
Astral Sheen Skin<

More Celestial Blessings Found In Celestial Crown Crates

While images are not yet available, ESO has released a full list of every reward that will be hidden within the new Celestrial Crown Crates.

Radiant Apex Rewards

  • Starchaser Senche
  • Celestrial Ram
  • Nebulous Star-Born Steed

Apex Rewards

  • Celestial Robes
  • Star-Born Guardian Bear
  • Star-Born Guardian Guar
  • Star-Born Guardian Horse
  • Star-Born Guardian Senche
  • Star-Born Guardian Wolf
  • Astral Sheen

Legendary Rewards

  • Xivilai Vilegilt Linework Brand
  • Dark Shaman
  • Celestial Vortex
  • Astral Aurora Projector
  • Crown Crafting Motif 58: Fang Lair Style
  • Crown Crafting Motif 77: Stags of Z’en Style
  • Chyle Seamed Nix-Ox Steed
  • Elder Dragon Hunter Horse
  • Mind-Shriven Wolf
  • Spellscar Lithoarms Battle Axe
  • Spellscar Lithoarms Bow
  • Spellscar Lithoarms Shield
  • Spellscar Lithoarms Staff
  • Spellscar Lithoarms Sword
  • Impish Epidermis

Epic Rewards

  • Azure Eyes
  • Hopesbud Coronal
  • Shrouded Crown
  • Xivilai Weltwine Linework Brand
  • Logger
  • Play Qanun
  • Xivilai Vilegilt Linework Visage
  • Xivilai Weltwine Linework Visage
  • Fargrave Relic Case
  • Warrior’s Flame
  • Scorianite Gladiator Helmet
  • Scorianite Gladiator Jack
  • Anthorbred Avalanche Dog
  • Blue Cloisonne Clockwork Shalk
  • Skald-Muse Fledgling Gryphon

Superior Rewards

  • Fortune’s Anvil Face Markings
  • Fortune’s Anvil Body Markings
  • Xivilai Cruelean Linework Brand
  • Xivilai Rubyfire Linework Brand
  • Bumbling Artificer
  • Feline’s Fancy Juggling
  • Stargazer
  • Xivilai Cruelean Linework Visage
  • Xivilai Rubyfire Linework Visage
  • Scorianite Gladiator Belt
  • Scorianite Gladiator Boots
  • Scorianite Gladiator Bracers
  • Scorianite Gladiator Arm Cops
  • Scorianite Gladiator Guards
  • Bleakrock Black Sheep
  • Elder Dragon Hunter Wolf Pup
  • Mind-Shriven Cat
  • Nectarthief Nixad
  • Niben River Fellrunner
  • Orcrest Rathound
  • Monochrome: White with Heavy Shadows
  • Monochrome: White with Black Outlines
  • Monochrome: Light-Dark-Light
  • Monochrome: Checkerboard
  • Monochrome: Black Relieved by White
  • Monochrome: Black is Slimming

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