It’s Capture The Relic Weekend In ESO

ESO Domination Weekend Alliance Points Bonus
Enjoy some fun in ESO's PVP battlegrounds this weekend and be rewarded. It's Capture the Relic Weekend in Tamriel!

For the next 4 days, you will earn an extra 25% in Alliance Points when you participate in the Capture The Relic Weekend event.  

Capture the Relic is a game in ESO’s battlefields.  The premise of the game is that each of the three teams has it’s own relic.  The relic can be stolen by another team and if taken to their home base and added to their relic, that team will be rewarded. 

The objective of this game is to steal the other team’s relics while keeping your team’s relic secure. For the point to be counted and the relic to be captured, the team taking the relic must still be in possession of their own relic safe at their base. If your team does not have their own relic, you cannot capture the opposing team’s relic, and you have to wait until you have reclaimed yours.

If another team has your relic and places it with their own, just a few seconds pass and your relic reappears at your home base.  

There are two ways to win, either one team has met the point limit or earned the most points at the end of the 15-minute timer.

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