Black Friday Comes To The Elder Scrolls Online Store

November 25, 2021
Black Fredas returns to The Elder Scrolls Online store with amazing discounts and a limited-time bundle with the Chalkhide Kagouti mount!

Save up to 67% off the Blackwood Chapter

Black Fredas (aka Black Friday) has arrived at The Elder Scrolls Online store.  For a limited time, you can purchase the Blackwood chapter for up to 67% off!  This sale is LIVE for Xbox, Playstation, and Stadia.  

If you’re unsure which version you need, the Collector’s Edition grants access to the Blackwood chapter, the ESO base game, and ALL previous chapters.  

If you are an existing player, you may only need the Blackwood Upgrade which gives you access to the Blackwood zone and the Companions system.

You can purchase either edition on ESO’s website.

Chalkhide Kagouti mount

Limited-Time Black Fredas Bundle 2021

Featured in the in-game Crown Store, you’ll find the limited-time Black Fredas Bundle for 2021.  This amazing bundle includes the Chalkhide Kagouti mount AND all this stuff too: 

  • 10 Soul Gems
  • 50 Tri-Restoration Potions
  • 10 Riding Capacity Lessons
  • 10 Riding Speed Lessons
  • 10 Experience Scrolls

Shop quickly because this bundle will only be available from 10am EST Wednesday, November 24 until 10am EST Monday, November 29.

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