Bethesda Live Twitch Event Today Looks Behind The Scenes With Billy Boyd And Brahgas

ESO High Isle Character Brahgas Voiced By Billy Boyd
At 3pm EDT join Gina, Jess, and Billy Boyd to learn more about High Isle's card-playing Wood Elf Brahgas in the Tales of Tribute storyline.

Billy Boyd Brings Brahgas To Life

On, The Elder Scrolls Online’s Senior Community Manager Gina Bruno and Lead Community Manager Jess Folsom will interview Billy Boyd!  They will chat about Billy’s career, voice-over work, and how he brought Brahgas to life in High Isle, the newest chapter of ESO today at 3pm EDT.

Billy joined the ever-growing world of Tamriel by lending his voice to the card-playing Wood Elf named Brahgas who is a fundamental part of the Tales of Tribute tutorial and the questline for deck-building.  Find out everything about High Isle and Tales of Tribute in the High Isle Guide.

Behind The Scenes Of High Isle

Zone Lead Jason Barnes will join Gina, Jess, and Billy to explain how brand new characters, like Brahgas, are created and integrated into the ESO storyline.  Brahgas is the friendliest, wittiest, and chattiest card-playing gambler in all of Tamriel thanks to Billy’s unique acting style.

Special Giveaway For Viewers

During the livestream, there will be a special giveaway for viewers!  Be sure to link your ESO account and your Twitch account to earn Twitch Drops.  ESO explains step-by-step how to make that connection in this helpful guide.  Remember you will want to link your accounts BEOFRE the stream starts at 3pm.

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