A New World Event – Bastion Nymics

Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula World Event Bastion Nymic Herald's Seeker
Necrom introduced a new type of world event to The Elder Scrolls Online. Bastion Nymics have three areas, and puzzles, waiting to be solved.

Bastion Nymics

The World Events in this area are called Bastion Nymic.  A Bastion Nymic is a new type of world event released with the Necrom chapter in Q2 2023.  Nymics are for groups of up to four players.  These areas are considered Apocrypha’s most mysterious and heavily defended fortress rumored to protect some of Hermaeus Mora’s greatest and most dangerous secrets.

Players will need to seek out Ordinator Tandasea in the city of Necrom who tasks them with collecting Daedric Ichor from unique monsters called Hearld’s Seekers.  Once you’ve collected enough Ichor (your group needs 5 in total), you can proceed to one of the portal edifices in either the Telvanni Peninsula or Apocrypha to finally gain entrance to the bastion.  The Hearld’s Seekers are not easy encounters.  They are very similar to World Boss difficulty.

When you finally gain access to the fortress, you will encounter Mora’s corrupted minions ready to defend it.    The encounters are designed for groups of four, it is a little more forgiving than a typical dungeon.  The final confrontation with the Herald will have a few unique boss mechanics.  Repeated assaults on the fortress will result in additional rewards and challenges.  There are also secrets and side puzzles in each of the fortresses’ three quarters.

ESO In-Game Icon Group World Event Bastion Nymic

On your map, edifices appear as this symbol with a plus denoting this is a group event.

Herald’s Seeker Tips

  • Herald’s Seekers are powerful.
  • These seekers summon lurkers, nightmares, and other enemies to aid them in battle.
  • Be sure to loot the defeated seeker.

Apocrypha Edifices

There are 2 edifices in Apocrypha.

  • Fallen Hues Edifice
  • Withering Wastes Edifice

Telvanni Peninsula Edifices

There are 2 edifices in the Telvanni Peninsula.

  • Fungal Downs Edifice
  • Glasscrag Edifice

Inside the Bastion Nymic

When you enter into the Bastion Nymic, you will begin near the center of the map.  There are three distinctic regions:

  • Dreaming Quarter – located in the northcentral area
  • Plagued Quarter – located in the southeastern area
  • Subverted Quarter – located in the southwestern area

Each area has enemies that need to be defeated to open pathways allowing you to proceed further. 

Vhogor the Pestilent

Vhogor the Pestilent is the boss in the Plagued Quarter.  During the battle, he summons other ogre brutes, ogre shamans, and Kindred Stinger enemies to aid him.  He has very damaging hits and pounds the ground creating tons of poisonous aoes.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Focus on the adds.  Ranged attacks work well.    

Kynmarcher Strix

Kynmarcher Strix is the boos in the Dreaming Quarter.  During the battle, he summons Dreamcarver enemies to aid him in battle.  The Dreamcarvers are powerful mages.  Focus on keeping their numbers down.  Strix also splits into three shadow versions.  Focus on the original while this is happening.   

Eater of Secrets

The Eater of Secrets is a lurker accompanied by two seekers, Condundrum and Enigma.  Conundrum stays in the middle and can be easily avoided.  Enigma creates path aoes where he flails his arms and runs over anything in his path.  This can be easily avoided by stepping aside.  The Eater of Secrets is the most aggressive of the three creating poisonous aoes and spawning tendrils that cause additional damage.  Focus on the Eater of Secrets first, then Enigma, and finally Conundrum.

What’s Next?

Once you have defeated your quarter’s boss, a portal will open taking you back to the middle where the ‘final’ boss will appear.  

At this point, you may either challenge the final boss OR proceed to explore the other areas.  If you choose to challenge the final boss, the nymic is considered completed and the remaining bosses will disappear.

There are three versions of the final boss:

The Noxious Herald

Mechanics coming soon!

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Boss 3

Defeating The Noxious Herald will reward you with the Nymic Purifier achievement.

The Dreadful Herald

Mechanics coming soon!

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Boss 2

Defeating The Dreadful Herald will reward you with the Nymic Defier achievement.

The Irrefutable Herald

Mechanics coming soon!
ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Boss 1

Defeating The Irrefutable Herald will reward you with the Nymic Refuter achievement.

Bastion Nymic Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Update 38 World Event Boss Meta
Bane of Heralds

Defeat the Irrefutable Herald, the Dreadful Herald, and the Noxious Herald in the Bastion Nymic.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 38 World Event Optional Content Meta
Master Puzzler

Solve all the puzzles in the Bastion Nymic.

Three Puzzles

There are three puzzles in the Bastion Nymic.  One puzzle is located in each quarter.  

  • Fate’s Puzzler is located in the Subverted Quarter
  • Pestilence’s Puzzler is located in the Plagued Quarter
  • Nightmare’s Puzzler is located in the Dreaming Quarter
ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Bastion Nymic Fate's Puzzle
Fate’s Puzzler
ESO Coming Soon
Pestilence’s Puzzler
ESO Coming Soon
Nightmare’s Puzzler
ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Optional Content A
Fate’s Puzzler

Solve Hermaeus Mora’s puzzle in the subverted Quarter of Bastion Nymic.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Optional Content C
Nightmare’s Puzzler

Solve Vaermina’s puzzle in the Dreaming Quarter of the Bastion Nymic.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 WE Optional Content B
Pestilence’s Puzzler

Solve Peryite’s puzzle in the Plagued Quarter of the Bastion Nymic.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 38 World Event Meta
Keeper of the Bastion

Complete all the achievements in Bastion Nymic. 

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