Ruinach Count of Cataclysms, A Secret Boss in Atoll of Immolation

ESO Blackwood Public Dungeon Atoll of Immolation Ruinach Count of Cataclysms
Have you found the secret boss in Atoll of Immolation? Ruinach Count of Cataclysms is hidden in Havocrel's Tower. Find him and defeat him!

Atoll of Immolation

Behold, the domain of the Puissant Flame Tryant! Behold the realm of fire and flood! By His will, are the mighty laid low! By his fury, the blood of Oblivion boils forevermore!”—Akalotho, Markynaz of the High Faith

Atoll of Immolation Location

Atoll of Immolation is an oblivion area that can be accessed through Oblivion Portals in Blackwood and the Deadlands.  These portals are considered world events for Blackwood and they spawn randomly.

Atoll of Immolation Quests

There are currently no quests for Atoll of Immolation.

Inside Atoll of Immolation

There is no set entrance for Atoll of Immolation.  Once inside, you will battle through a few mobs to reach another portal.  Using that portal, you will be transported to another smaller inner island.  You will find more mobs and a mini boss that will be random.  These bosses include Domoira, Faram-Xaran, Flarion, Kmolag, and Ol’icath.  After the mini boss, you will use another portal to another small island.  That island will consist of mobs and Salosuum.  After defeating Salosuum, you will enter into Havocrel’s Tower and ultimately find Havocrel Duke of Storms.  Defeating Havocrel allows you to deactivate the antecedent cataclyst allowing a treasure chest to appear.  You can exit Atoll of Immolation by using another portal.

Dungeon Bosses

Bonesnap Ruins has 7 bosses.  To complete the dungeon, you will need to complete the path defeating 2 mini-bosses and Havocrel Duke of Storms. 

Click on the boss name for quick access to that section.


Domoira is a Xivilai warrior.


Domoira uses a magical staff for fiery damage.  He also creates fiery aoes.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Melee damage works really well.  Domoira is easily defeated.


Faram-Xaran is a giant Brimstone Nixad.


Faram-Xaran will swoop attack you and also create spreading flames for additional damage.  Ranged or melee attacks work well.  Faram-Xaran is easily defeated.


Falrion is an Iron Atronach.


Flarion uses heavy hits and stomps to causes fiery damage.  He pounds the ground creating multiple aoes.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Falrion is easily defeated.

Havocrel Duke of Storms

Havocrel is a daedric and serves as the main boss of Atoll of Immolation.


Havocrel Duke of Storms has a battle axe that inflicts a lot of damage.  He will cover himself with a shield and summon fire behemoths and scamps.  As they walk towards Havocrel, you will need to defeat them.  If they reach him, they can enrage him increasing his power.  Only after these adds are defeated does the shell disappear.  While Havocrel is without a shell, focus on damaging him.  He will raise his axe to make a ground pound but can be interrupted.  There are typically three cycles with the defence shield and the fire behemoths with the last cycle including four behemoths.  Keep the adds down and do as much damage as possible when the shield is down.  Havocrel Duke of Storms is easily defeated.


Kmolag is a Dremora.


Kmolag uses a battle axe for melee damage.  He also raises his axe and creatings a pronged fiery aoe that rotates around him.  He can be interrupted.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.


Ol’icath is a giant daedroth.


Ol’icath uses heavy hitting swipes and fire breath to cause damamge.  During battle, he will also summons other smaller daedroth to aid him.  Focus on the adds.  Avoid the firey breath when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.

Ruinach Count of Cataclysms

This is a hidden boss that can be found in Havocrel’s Tower.  Activate each of the 4 fire behemoth statues.  When all 4 are burning at the same time, they will come alive and engage you in battle.


After defeating the fire behemoth statues, the Runiach Count of Cataclysms appears.  Ruinach Count has 4 arms, each wielding a sword.  He spins while swining his arms making his attacks inflict lots of damage.  Ruinach Count will also slam into the ground creating aoes and a small poison cloud follows under his feet.  During battle, Ruinach Count of Cataclysms will spawn 2 swirling tornados.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well keeping you a safe distance from his swinging blades.


Salosuum is a Daedric Titan.


Salosuum also summons additonal ash titans to aid him.  He uses fiery breath, wing flaps, tail whips, and will occassionally become airborn to land creating an aoe.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Focus on keeping the adds down.  Salosuum is easily defeated.


ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement Update 30 Oblivion Portal 10

Entering 1 Oblivion Portal and destroying the antecedent cataclyst machine will reward you with the Defender of the Plane achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement Update 30 Oblivion Portal 10

Enter 10 Oblivion Portals and destroy the antecedent cataclyst machines will reward you with the Portal Punisher achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement Update 30 Oblivion Portal 30

Enter 30 Oblivion Portals and destroy the antecedent cataclyst machines will reward you with Multiplanar Devastator achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement Update 30 Oblivion Portal Generals

Defeat all the generals (mini-bosses) of the Oblivion Portals will reward you with the Oblivion Obliterator achievement.

ESO In-Game Icon Acheivement Update 30 Secret Boss

Defeat the Count of Cataclysms hidden in the Oblivion Portals will reward you with the Ruinach Rumble achievement.

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