Exploring the Apocrypha Delve Apogee of the Tormenting Mind in ESO

ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Delves Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Location Map
Apogee of the Tormenting Eye is a delve located in Apocrypha that is dremnaken are devouring the knowledge contained inside. Can you stop them?

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Apogee of the Tormenting Eye

A semi-organic extrusion of Apocrypha, the Apogee thrum’s with scholarship dipped through occultic arteries.  The Remnant claimed the building as an archive, through the Black Book at its center has been missing for decades.

Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Location

In Apocrypha, travel northwest from the Apogee Nadir Wayshrine to located Apogee of the Tormenting Eye.

Hungry for Knowledge

I found a member of the Remnant named Zirokh standing outside the Apoge of the Tormenting Eye.  He’s worried about Dremnaken invading the Apogee and devouring its knowledge.  I agree to rescue some artifacts and purge the Dremnaken.

Zirokh handed me a rune that hums with energy.  He said I can use it to close the Dremnaken portals and reactivate the shrine’s protective wards.  I should ascend the Apogee to begin my work.

ESO Achievement High Isle Breakwater Cave Explorer

Exploring and defeating the boss will reward you with the Apogee of the Tormenting Eye Explorer achievement.

Inside Apogee of the Tormenting Eye

Apogee of the Tormenting Eye is inhabited by armored Dremnaken.  This delve has one level, one boss, and one skyshard as notated on the map.

Supernal Trespasser

Supernal Trespasser is a large Dremnaken.  It bites, pounces, spits flames, and creates flaming aoes on the ground.  During the battle, it summons flame atronachs which explode when destroyed.  Avoid the aoes when possible.  Ranged attacks work well.

Completing Hungry for Knowledge

You will need to close the portals, reactivate the protective wards, and defeat the Supernal Trespasser.  Speak to Zirokh to complete the quest and you will be rewarded with gold and Tormenting Robes, part of the Vivec’s Duality armor set.

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