Become a Claim Jumper at Amenos Basin in High Isle And Amenos

ESO High Isle and Amenos World Boss Eldertide Theurges at Amenos Basin
Defeat the world boss Eldertide Theurges located at Amenos Basin in the High Isle and Amenos zone to earn the Claim Jumper achievement.

Eldertide Theurges At Amenos Basin

Travel south of the Trappers Peak Wayshrine to find the two Eldertide Theurges at Amenos Basin along the shoreline.

Mechanics Notes

Rosara and Skerard the Theurges await you at Amenos Basin.  These two have powerful magical attacks and HUGE aoes.  These aoes keep you on your toes with some requiring you to stay outside the aoe and others requiring you to come to the middle for safety.  It doesn’t matter which person you defeat first, but it is recommended that you focus your attention on one, then the other.  There are other adds to deal with but the system of defeating the adds then focusing on the bosses works well here.

Achievement Earned

ESO Achievement Claim Jumper

The first time you defeat this world boss you will earn the Claim Jumper achievement.

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