Necrom’s Apocrypha and the Abborant Hushed

ESO Apocrypha and Telvanni Peninsula Aborrant Hushed Location Map Apocrypha
Who are the Aborrant Hushed and why are they in Apocrypha? Find them all and uncover their secrets!

What Is An Aberrant Hushed?

Aberrant Hushed are groups of npcs that are located in Apocrypha.  There are 4 in total.  Locate all 4 then proceed to the ritual site to perform a ritual with them.

Aberrant Hushed locations do NOT appear on your map.  

Apocrypha Aberrant Hushed Locations

These groups can be found in any order but the final step must be performed at the ritual site.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement U38 Flavor 4

Finding and examining all 4 Aberrant Hushed groups and performing the ritual with them will reward you with the Syzygy achievement.

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