Learn How ESO’s Morphable Pets Become Greater Rewards

ESO 2023 Morphing Collectible Flow Chart
Unleash the Power of Morphable Pets in ESO: Elevate Your Rewards All Year Long! What can we expect from the 2023 morphing collectibles?

If you’re new to ESO’s morphable pets, it can be confusing.  Let’s take a look at what you need to know.

Events and Event Tickets

Throughout the year, The Elder Scrolls Online offers many in-game events. Rewards for these events are awesome. Some of the events offer the chance to earn Event Tickets.

Event Tickets are a unique currency you can earn that is available only during in-game events. To earn Event Tickets, you must usually participate in the current event’s main activities. 

You can view the number of Event Tickets you hold under your inventory/currency menu. NOTE: You can only hold a total of 12 Event Tickets. If you earn more, they will be lost forever.

Purchasing and Using Fragments

If this is your first ‘fragment event’ it may be a little confusing on how fragments work.  The Impressario offers fragments that can be purchased using Event Tickets.  These fragments can then be combined or morphed into something else.  During this event, the Impressario will offer all THREE Passion Dancer Blossom fragments:

  • Chartreuse Lily Petals
  • Enchanted Silver Flute
  • Mystical Sheet Music

Those fragments can then be combined into the base item – the Passion Dancer Blossom.  The Impressario will NOT allow you to purchase a fragment you already own.  However, if you’ve already morphed your fragments into the pet, then you can purchase additional pet fragments.

How to Use Upgrade Collectible Fragments

After you have acquired all three unique Upgrade Fragments, navigate to your Collections UI, select the Fragments category, choose the item you have fragments for, and use them. This causes your Passion Dancer Blossom to upgrade into a new item. This also allows you to get a new Passion Dancer Blossom so you can upgrade it into another, completely different item later or keep it as a non-combat pet.

Q1 Events

Additional fragments were available during the first quarter of 2023 and will continue to be available throughout the year.  Those fragments are:

  • Bottle of Silver Mist
  • Delicate Dancer’s Baton
  • Pressed Lily Petal Insoles

Collecting each of these fragments and morphing them with the Passion Dancer Blossom will reward you with the Passion’s Muse Personality.

Q2 Events

The second quarter of 2023 offers three new additional fragments:

  • Bottled Skin Dyes
  • Ground Jade Lily Powder
  • Pressed Silver Leaves

Collecting each of these fragments and morphing them with the Passion Dancer Blossom will reward you with the Meadowbreeze Memories skin.

What’s Next?

Currently, we don’t know!  However, as in the past few years using morphables, the rewards become even greater!  As soon as ESO releases the details on the Q3 and Q4 rewards, we will let you know!

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