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The Elder Scrolls Online Alchemy Guide & Potion Maker

HOW to power level efficiently!

Written Guide

Power leveling alchemy or leveling it in general efficiently in the Elder Scrolls Online requires two major things. You firstly need to know how many combines are required, and secondly have to know where to get the materials quick and easy with as little cost and/or time spent as possible.

Generally in The Elder Scrolls Online there are a few ways to get Alchemy Materials. You can run around like a headless chicken in overland zones HOPING to get what you need while looting random flowers. Which is free but does take a serious amount of time to get exactly what you need. OR you can get involved in PVP and farm for Tel Var, which is neither guaranteed nor safe (depending on the player), in order to use that currency to open loot boxes with a random number and choice of reagents. Either way is a matter of choice of course but there are OTHER materials you can acquire via some basic good ole hunt and destroy!

SOME materials come from enemies. And unlike farming flowers (which can yield many different results) some creatures have their own resources that can be used in alchemy and it is as simple as finding them, killing them, and looting them. So these materials are the most guaranteed in comparison to the usual randomness of the other ways.

Now, while the other ways are still 100% fine and will probably be required for the sake of alchemy in general, what we are talking about is cost/time/efficiency for the initial power leveling of the skill line. And below I will explain what you need in order to achieve it.

Two of the simplest materials which MATCH (in other words have a result of a combine in alchemy) are Scrib Jelly and Spider eggs. Spider eggs are relatively cheap on the market so you COULD just buy them if you were feeling flush but Scrib Jelly can be quite high. So really it depends on how much you have in the bank. If you don’t mind spending about 50-100k on the market you can cut out the middle man so to speak, but if you want everything for free, all you need to do is kill Spiders, and Kwama Scribs/workers.

Spiders can be found in MANY places. Spindleclutch I (normal is nice and fast), several overland places, etc, ANY spiders can drop the eggs.
As for Scrib Jelly, all you have to do is kill Kwama Scribs/workers in overland (stonefalls) or a small corridor section in Darkshade Caverns I (as well as some other delves in the game). ANY of these enemy types can drop these items and it is 100% free. Of course, that now saves your bank, guarantees a correct resource (rather than farming randoms), and in the meantime, a win-win scenario where if you don’t get a drop, you still get cash and loot to fill the bank with while you go.

There are of course OTHER materials you can use but they MUSt have a result when combined else you will not get exp from them. You can use the potion maker below to find the easy to combine materials so you may farm them with a similar method OR just pick some up cheap. Whichever works for you. Another example is Fleshfly Larve (farmed from killing zombies) and Torchbug Thorax (loot torch bugs).

The Solvent you use per level/combine can be water or poison-based, it makes NO difference, BUT water takes longer to farm. Poison-based solvents literally come from killing trash and they drop all day long from pretty much everything. So don’t leave loot on the ground.

Regardless of which resources you go for the method below is exactly the same, and will ONLY cost you a total of 6 skill points to get from 1 – 50. After then you can either keep going with the skill line and use it for your own personal use and/or for selling potions/poisons. OR take out all of the skill points and simply apply 3 to medicinal use and have that passive forever!

So here is what you need to do:-

Combine Ichor + one of each reagent x19, This will get you to level 10
Combine Slime + one of each reagent x37, This will get you to level 20
Combine Gall + one of each reagent x44, This will get you to level 30
Combine Terebinthine + one of each reagent x55, This will get you to level 40
Combine Pitch-Bile + one of each reagent x59, This will get you to level 48
Combine Tar-black + one of each reagent x9, This will get you to level 49
Combine Night-Oil + one of each reagent x9, This will get you to level 50

232 combines in total and you are done!
(NOTE: ESO plus is active in the video but NO champion points or other EXP boosts)

The Potion Maker

This potion maker is to check out information on the go! Are you out of the house? Is the server down? Are you just looking for a quick cheat list of HOW to make certain potions? Look no further! Courtesy UESP (Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages) of this potion maker is now open to use on! It has been slightly remodeled to fit the page design and content needs, but is fully functional for its base purpose, to figure out potions while on the fly when you are trying to decide which consumable buffs are for YOU!
So now you have TWO great locations for your potion-making needs. If you like THIS site, it is here, and if you like UESP it is there too!
So whatever your preference you don’t need to have millions of windows open at once!

How Does It Work?: Simple. Pick your Solvent, pick your ingredients and the potion will be presented in front of you!
Also using the side panel you can select certain buffs and see WHICH reagents have the properties you require!

ESO Potion Maker is owned and created by the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages (UESP). Xynode Gaming LTD® has full written permission of use and distribution on Contact Daveh (UESP founder) for information. Source code for this project is available at Bitbucket.