The Elder Scrolls online Nightblade builds

Criminal PVE Nightblade Build

Want to be the most outlawed character in all of Tamriel while being IMPOSSIBLE to catch by the guards? Check out the NINJA build! One shot kills, countless gold and NEVER get caught!

Magicka Nightblade pve Build

The Magicka Nightblade BUILT for critical chance to such an extent, if you have everything you need…You have so much crit and options for so much control it pretty much is, Flawless!

Stamina Nightblade pve Build

“Sting” is the little Nightblade that could! Fully focused on pushing high damage at the same time as being able to survive AND sustain with a solid rotation making that tricky spectral bow much easier to keep track of WITHOUT addons required!


Stamina Nightblade pvp Build

The most feral Nightblade build out there, fully focused on primary attack devastating foes AND shield stackers…Sorcs with 3x shields have NO WHERE to hide!