Easy Sorc Video & Written Guide Updated For The Deadlands!

December 6, 2021
Incredibly easy to use for all players. At the lower end it 'works', and at the higher end it excels! Easy Sorc is carefully balanced for single target and AOE damage.

Thousands of Players Over 4 Years

The Easy Sorc has been carefully built and designed for both single target and aoe damage combined.  This incredibly popular build has helped THOUSANDS of players over the past 4 years and is now updated for The Deadlands DLC and Update 32.

I’ve considered all the new content in the game from a new player perspective and from the skilled player perspective.  This is literally the perfect build for all content.

Updated Video For The Deadlands DLC

With the new Armory System, you can easily swap gear, cp points, skills, and more around.  With just one click of a button, using the new Armory system, you can swap between ALL roles quickly.   If you’d like to learn even more about the Armory Station, visit this recent article.

Updated for The Deadlands DLC, this video will walk you through Skills, Passives, Gear, Champion Points, and even fashion.

Video & Written Instructions Included With Every Build Guide

With all the build guides you’ll get not only a list of what to slot but an EXPLANATION of why you are slotting it!  Levels and cp are less important than understanding how your build works and how to properly use it.

Each written build guide includes a detailed explanation of all the skills, armor set pieces, champion points allocations, rotations, and even potions and poison recommendations.  And for those of you who are fans of ESO Fashion, a full list of what this build is wearing is included too.  

In the video guide, you’ll hear the whats and whys of this build and you can SEE how it works by demonstration.  

You can find the written and video guide here.

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