Written guide updated for updated for The Scions Of Ithelia DLC: Q1 2024

The Lazy Tank has been REBORN!

They finally DID IT! The completely KILLED a fully functioning successful Templar Tank build…

Or did they??

Basically the short version is, the Lazy Tank was designed to take advantage of NON crowd control based pulls, on top of a huge snare and stun to REPLICATE an immobilization that the Templar clearly lacks. At the same time as taking advantage of a set that allowed you to TAUNT on direct damage application. Explosive Charge for the Templar hit MULTIPLE targets with that skill so ON impact, they were all taunted.

So, jump, taunt, pull stun…easy peasy! Not any more!

The developers made very clear for years they didn’t want an “AOE TAUNT” in their game as they want the players to actually apply skill and have to make important decisions as tanks, rather than just one button and hold block. We had fun with it for a WHILE but this potential oversight is now FIXED. That’s right, the functionality was a side effect of a system they had to carefully ALTER and was NOT intended. SO it is now gone. The Tormentor set still applies a taunt on activation of a charge ability but ONLY to the FIRST target hit.

So the Lazy tank as we know it is dead…BUT we don’t give up THAT easy in a game that is built for you to adapt and grow do we? NEVER!!

The Lazy tank dies and in it’s place DARK SOUL arises! This Templar PVE tank build is the Lazy Tank AND SOME! Since ZOS removed my constraints for the build (aoe taunt being important) this actually presented opportunities for change and IMPROVEMENT of the setup!

How so? Well basically since AOE taunt is no longer a thing, we have to consider manual individual ones. Which does NOT actually make the Tormentor set “useless”. It actually makes it better for us with a small change to the set while allowing us to take advantage of other things on top of it.

The set no applies a taunt to any pull or chain of the FIRST target hit, meaning Explosive charge DOES still taunt the first one (jump multiple times and it’s easy gap closer aggro) and also your temporary taunt from a chain is actually a FULL taunt that can be overlapped by itself. We still get resistances for activating ANY jump/charge/pull ability so we maintain survival stats AND one more thing…

The set now HEALS for the “damage done” of the skill you use. SO that means YES, Explosive charge taunts the “first HIT” but it can HIT MULTIPLE targets which counts as the overall “damage done” meaning if you hit a crowd you heal from ALL of them.

YUP they just gave us a rather substantial heal from jumping into a crowd as well as all the other benefits the skill gives us!

One jump from explosive charge, heals for over close to 50% of all damage done to EACH target, Taunts the FIRST target, gives us minor protection, major protection, burning light is triggered, and you gain over 3.5k resistances ALL at once AND you interrupt/stun channelling targets in AOE.

So while the AOE taunt side of things maybe gone, we have SO much utility from the Tormentor set even WITH the change.

With the AOE taunt however gone, this as i said above, allowed for other changes to make more sense, especially with the changes to Status. So instead of being incredibly simple we have added some extra spice to the build BUT this actually makes you STRONGER.

The training wheels are OFF!! On the BACK bar we are now utilizing dual wield. Specifically Blackrose weapons (don’t worry you can get them on normal difficulty). This means we can take a 20% reduction to ALL aoe damage with Quick cloak for a LONG duration (30seconds) at the same time as adding a little AOE damage to enemies which can on cool down constantly fire TWO glyphs, AND give us a further 6% reduction and increase to all damage.

And one more thing, since we are using dual wield, we can use REND as our back bar ultimate. Which is a 16 second damage over time per target bleed with guaranteed Hemorrhage status every single tick and heals for 53%+ (depending on buffs) of ALL damage done PER target!!

We are MUCH harder to kill, take MUCH less damage, and heal a STUPID amount! Not to mention we now have a damage shield we can take advantage of that gets stronger in a crowd, AND since we are not doing the “Pull, insta taunt, stun” thing any more, we have added a monster set that will stun on repeat ALL THE TIME!

SO, JUMP, pull, Stun, hold still, bleed, don’t die! It is NUTS! The Lazy Tank (now Dark Soul) has become TWICE as tough as it every was with GREAT control and versatility. Some would argue that being on the dual wield bar would diminish your ability to TANK because you are lacking the tanky weapon passives, BUT we have covered that in the Champion Points with Bracing Anchor. Which means on the back bar we have tanky passives, but on the front bar we have even MORE block mitigation. 79% in total excluding other buffs in the game that exist and can be from the group!

There is however one huge bonus to the changes to the build. Not only is it designed for and capable of ALL PVE content, BUT this now excels in the Infinite Archive! Rend will apply constant bleed status effects, which means you control and shred the enemy! If you are stacking focused efforts as THIS build even though you are a tank, you will MELT EVERYTHING!

And to add to the new aggressive play style of the build, we have an EXECUTE! Yes it actually works out pretty good and you heal from it too!

Hopefully you enjoy the NEW and improved Templar tank reviving what people assumed was a DEAD BUILD!

Important notes about the build:-

  • HIGH resistances, cheap to apply, and easy to maintain.
  • Area of effect pulls that do NOT stun.
  • Area of effect stun once the pulls are in.
  • Great mobility and control with an aggressive play style.
  • Status effect on tap from a skill that does constant damage and HEALS you too!
  • EASY to farm for with normal difficulty dungeons (apart from monster set).
  • Great sustainability for your resources while blocking with your Rune giving you resources back all the time.
  • Never struggle with big add pulls ever again!
  • DOMINATES Infinite Archive when you stack focused Efforts, it that’s your kind of thing!


Fashion First!

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As demonstrated in the video, our fabulous setup and dress choice for this character are as follows:

Head:  Heavy House Mornard
Shoulders: Heavy House Mornard
Chest:  Heavy House Mornard
Legs:  Heavy House Mornard
Hands:  Heavy House Mornard
Belt:  Heavy House Mornard
Feet:  Heavy House Mornard
Front bar Weapons:  Heavy House Mornard
Back Bar Weapons: Fargrave Guardian

  The colours are basically GREY, anything that looks shiny! along with some darker greys for the accents!


You could also swap out Pierce Armor with Razor Caltrops if you want aoe breach since our pulls and charges cover a taunt but depends on the player.

Dual Wield (2x daggers)

1) Extended Ritual
2) Restoring Focus
3) Radiant Glory
4) Silver Leash
5) Quick Cloak
Ultimate – Rend


Champion Points 2.0


  • Unassailable
  • Ironclad
  • Duellist’s Rebuff
  • Reaving Blows

Maximizing the main focus of the build making it REALLY tough early on!

  • Rationer
  • Liquid Efficiency
  • Treasure Hunter
  • Steed’s Blessing

These really are up to you but these are most useful IN content for loot and movement if not in combat.  

What you do with this tree is NOT make or break for mechanics or combat in general just quality of life.

  • Boundless Vitality
  • Fortified
  • Bastion
  • Bracing Anchor

You can also swap out Strategic Reserve for Spirit Mastery which makes you rez much faster.

The video below explains how the changes work in more detail. Of course, over time, additions will be and have already been made to the system but the main BASE of it is the same.

Poisons, Potions, & Food

Potions really are up to you but they do offer recovery/sustain while giving a burst of stamina/mag/health back at the same time depending on the choice of potion. I would highly recommend using Tripots if you can afford them BUT you can of course use trash magicka or stamina pots depending on how comfortable you are with your resources.

Food is very simple, in stressful high block situations you can use HIGH max stat food (max health and max stam). The rest of the time if you can manage your sustain you can go with max health and mag recovery food in order to keep up HIGH mag recovery and more ability to spam your shields to protect the group and get back stamina.

Columbine + Mountain Flower + Bugloss + Lorkhan’s Tears

Max health and max stam
          Sticky Pork And Radish Noodles – White Meat(1) + Radish(2) + Flour(3)
          Garlic Cod with Potato Crust – Fish(1) + Potato(2) + Garlic(3)
          Braised Rabbit with Spring Vegetables – Small Game(1) + Greens(2) + Seasoning(3)

Max health and mag recovery
            Orzoga’s Red Frothgar  – Clear Water(1) + Comberry(1) + Honey(1) + Mint(1)

If you would like to make your own potions, I now have a fully functioning potion maker on the website. Here you can TEST any combination of potion or poison you like and check the outcome without having to know the combinations in-game! Check here for the App, working on Android and IOS – Potion Maker

Gear Setup

We are using the Atronach mundus and we have 64 Attribute points into Health.

We are an Imperial but other races are also usable. Orc, Argonian, or Nord are good substitutes.

SlotGear SetWeightTraitEnchantment
Ring 1Rush Of AgonyJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Rush Of AgonyJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
NecklaceRush Of AgonyJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Rush Of Agony1 HandedChargedCrusher
Weapon 2Rush Of AgonyShieldReinforced / SturdyStamina
Weapon 3Spectral CloakDaggerInfusedweap/spell dmg reduction
Weapon 4Spectral CloakDaggerInfusedDisease

Trial Setup (If Enemies Cannot Be Pulled)

SlotGear SetWeightTraitEnchantment
HeadBaron ZaudrusHeavySturdyHealth
ShouldersBaron ZaudrusHeavySturdyHealth
Ring 1Sluthrug’s HungerJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
Ring 2Sluthrug’s HungerJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
NecklaceSluthrug’s HungerJewelryHealthyMagicka Recovery
Weapon 1Sluthrug’s Hunger1 HandedChargedCrusher
Weapon 2Sluthrug’s HungerShieldReinforced / SturdyStamina
Weapon 3Spectral CloakDaggerInfusedweap/spell dmg reduction
Weapon 4Spectral CloakDaggerInfusedDisease

Gear Locations

Other Templar Builds