The Elder Scrolls Online: The Dark Heart Of Skyrim

Zenimax Online Studios on Jan 16th 2020 finally announced information on their upcoming content for the year regarding the Dark Heart of Skyrim! Rich lambert went into heavy detail about what we should expect with the up coming additions to the game in terms of content, game mechanics and game performance!


The Elder Scrolls Online: Harrowstorm Dungeon DLC

The first section of the year Q1 also known as the First Quarter, has been announced as a dungeon DLC called Harrowstorm!

Harrowstorm, giant, dungeon,
Harrowstorm Frost Giant

The new dungeons are both very different form each other in appearance with very different stories and challenges however the stories COMBINED teach us more about the upcoming Greymoor (chapter) in Q2!

This time around Zenimax Online Studios have pushed for more story relevance inside the dungeon in regards to whats to come!

Harrowstorm DLC Dungeon: Icereach

witches, coven, mages
Icereach Harrowstorm DLC dungeon

Icereach has a supernatural storm brewing and it is up to you, to find out what is going on in this mystical location. There are many new enemies with NEW abilities and mechanics that you will have to contend with in order to find out why this famous coven of witches have inhabited this location!

Harrowstorm DLC Dungeon: Unhallowed Grave

tomb, dragur, nord,
Unhallowed grave Harrowstorm DLC

This location is a huge mystery to any outside. At first glance this appears to be a forgotten burial ground of sorts but you are not alone down there.

Adventure with your friends to find out what secrets there are to uncover in this treacherous and recently disturbed tomb like dungeon. Why have the spirits, and guardians suddenly awoken? Only YOU can find out the truth!

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Chapter

Zenimax Online Studio have announced the release of their Elder Scrolls Online chapter for 2020 Greymoor! Due for release on June 2nd 2020.

eso, elder scrolls online, chapter, skyrim
Dark Heart Of Skyrim Greymoor chapter

This new chapter due for release in Q2 has been said to have some massive additions to the game. We are going to be seeing a new 12-player trial, Kyne’s Aegis, as well as going to some of the original Skyrim locations with a bit of a twist!
The Elder Scrolls Online is currently almost 1000 years behind The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, INCLUDING Solitude!


Visit some of the most famous Skyrim locations!

This time line allows the developers to forge the world and locations we all know, in their own image and design taken from a potential past point of view!  We are about to find out! Experience the Skyrim you know, but from a different timeline!

Elder Scrolls Online: Antiquity

This year a brand NEW style of play is being added with two new skill lines along with it.
Antiquity is a completely different way to enjoy The Elder Scrolls Online. Instead of the usual killing and question, you get to be an explorer!

eso, elder scrolls, exploerer
The elder scrolls online: Greymoor Antiquities

This new system encourages players to explore the base game, the DLC content and chapters in a totally different way. You will be able to hunt for hidden relics and items with the new system and take part in mini-game type puzzles in order to unlock the secrets of times once forgotten.

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eso beginner guides

You can uncover items of many kinds wihth the new system. Housing items, emotes, cosmetic items and the new MYTHIC items. Mythic items are super rare wearable pieces of gear with special powers and unique bonuses. They count as ONE piece and only ONE can be worn at a time. This system could potentially change the way people construct and/or customize their builds as we know it. Keep your eyes open on the Elder Scrolls Online website for more updates on this exciting new treasure hunting system which promotes rewards for ALL players!

Elder Scrolls Online: Lyris Titanborn Is Back

Recently content has centered around bringing back the old characters we love! Sai Sahan, Abnur Tharn, Sir Cadwell and many more have come back into new stories of the Elder Scrolls Online. In the Dark Heart Of Skyrim we see the return of Lyris Titanborn!

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Lyris Titanborn is back in The Elder Scrolls Online

Big bad and stronger than ever! The players of The Elder Scrolls Online get to finally welcome back one of the most iconic characters from the original companions! Lyris Titanborn is indeed back and will be assisting you on your journey through the story of the Dark Heart Of Skyrim!

Elder Scrolls Online: Vampire Skills Reworked

Finally the vampire skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online is getting a make over! We are due a complete overhaul on the entire skill line so that being a vampire now feels more like a role rather than a couple of passives.

vampire, eso, elder scrolls online, greymoor
The Elder Scrolls Online Vampire Skill line rework

The old system of the vampire skill line was somewhat, backwards? The more you fed the weaker you got, vampire stage wise. Clearly that makes no sense since everyone knows that if a vampire feeds, they should get stronger.

Zenimax Online Studios have recognized this and are now pushing the Vampires in the Elder Scrolls Online into a more active role, where if you feed more, you gain power! Just like a vampire should be.

We know that we are getting some NEW skills to go with some potential old skills but no details at this point as to what that will entail. We do know that the vampire biting animations are also going to look MUCH more…feral? In ESO Vampires tend to channel blood from their enemy from range for a couple of seconds and then it is all over.

However Rich Lambert noted in the release stream that they are looking at a more Dark Brotherhood style execution where animations will appear to be physically interacting with the victim making it feel like you are actually attacking your target and feeding off them!

vampire lord, eso, greymoor
Moprh into a Vampire Lord with the new ultimate!

To add even MORE hype to the train, in The Elder Scrolls Online as mentioned on the live stream reveal, we will be able to turn ourselves into a Vampire Lord type morph as part of the Vampire Ultimate. Again we do not have full details at this time but we DO have confirmation that this is coming!

Elder Scrolls Online: New Armour Styles

Of course with each new DLC/chapter we generally have new armour styles and furniture. The Dark Heart Of Skyrim is no different. Below are some examples of what’s to come in the coming updates so far!

eso, armour, motif
New Motif style for Greymoor
New Motif style for Greymoor
new armour, eso armour
New Motif style for Greymoor
banners, eso, greymoor
New witches totem/banner designs for Greymoor
eso, housing, greymoor
New housing item designs for Greymoor

Elder Scrolls Online: Greymoor Collectors Edition

The developers listened to their supporters and found that the majority of the players out there anticipated a physical collectors edition and Zenimax/Bethesda finally pulled through with a brand new statue and collectors version of Greymoor available NOW!

eso, statue, vampire
Greymoor physical collector's edition

As usual too there will be in game items that you can get for the physical and digital collectors editions of the Elder Scrolls Online chapter.  These in the form or Mounts, pets, and other in game shinnies. Check out the link for more information, and yes these are available NOW! Order Your Copy Today!