Coral Aerie Dungeon Guide

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“This undisturbed little islet far off the coast of Summerset sports high cliffs and deep tide pools that act as popular breeding grounds for all manner of sea life, migratory birds, and even large predators. I recommend all nature watching be done from the safety of the ship.”—Captain Marrisa

Coral Aerie is a four-person dungeon in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon consists of various rooms and corridors, each with its own challenges and enemies.  Coral Aerie can be accessed at Level 45.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the dungeon’s bosses.

Coral Aerie Location

Coral Aerie is located in the northern region of Summerset.  Travel west from the Veyond Wyte Wayshrine to reach Coral Aerie.  You can also access Coral Aerie specifically by using the Dungeon Finder.

Inside Coral Aerie

Coral Aerie is a seven-level dungeon with four bosses, four secret bosses, and one quest.  The enemies in this dungeon include gryphons, Ascendant Thundermauls, Coral Drift Bears, and Yaghra Larva.

An Order Gone Awry

Captain Kaleen was hired to recover a missing rogue named Jakarn and a pair of items he was suppose to deliver. She asked for my assistance rescuing him and retrieving the items from a mysterious group called the Ascendant Order.

Completing An Order Gone Awry

You will need to defeat Mailgalig, Sarydil, and Varallion Speak to Captain Kaleen to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, a skill point, and an Unidentified Coral Aerie Armaments coffer.

Sword Guardian (secret boss #1)

This boss is pretty straightforward. Look at the square on the floor, put one player in each corner, and maintain that position for the whole fight. keep it turned away from the group as the tank, and hit it until it is dead!  There are a couple of punishing mechanics that must be paid attention to but essentially this is a standstill fight.

Cleave Shock! – The Boss cast a Cleave swing (much like that of the player ability animation-wise). This will be aimed at whoever has aggro. Hopefully the tank!  Once this hits, the player should BLOCK but the whole group now has an effect on them. Each player will have a negative AOE attached to them pulsing lighting damage. This needs to be out healed and players must NOT overlap the AOE circles.

You can loosely overlap the outer circles if you HAVE to but do NOT let any other circles physically touch another player, else the damage will of course ramp up with two stacks+ (double damage or more) and people will die! Hold your formation and try not to overlap. This will be with you throughout the fight.  This is pretty simple to tackle if you never leave the formation. Stay on your corners and you will have the perfect amount of space to avoid the danger of the effect and still reach the boss as a DPS regardless of weapon choice.

Heavy Attacks/Swings/Stomp  – The boss has multiple different strikes and stomps which should be treated as heavy attacks. As the tank, hold him still and simply BLOCK these mechanics as and when they happen!  There is NO DPS check for this fight so take as long as you need, but be sure to apply the formation tactic above to control the fight easier.


This boss has one of the most unique NEWER mechanics in the game as well as some relatively familiar ones. Generally speaking, you should approach this boss as many others, with the tank turning it around and the rest of the group staying BEHIND the boss, semi-spread out so you do not stack mechanical AOEs on each other. A simple loose triangle formation between the 3 behind the boss should keep you all at safe distances from mechanics ready to tackle them, at the same time as staying close enough for buffs and heals.

Heavy Attack  – The boss will occasionally heavy attack the tank (or whoever has aggro at the time). This mechanic MUST be blocked else you will be knocked over and/or one shot. If you are a dps or healer player and for some reason, this is on YOU, don’t even try to block it, you must time it perfectly and dodge roll it, or die.

DONUTS! – During the fight, a player at RANDOM will be given a negative AOE, this will be attached to them, do NOT panic!  Yes, you are going to die if you don’t fix the issue, but it is a lot simpler and more effective than running around like a head with your chicken cut off (coined: *Mikemacon*).  All you have to do is look for the ringed Donut shape!

Put YOUR AOE, inside the Donut and it will go away!  If you don’t make it on time, you will be dead. Move swiftly and all will be fine, but learn to spot that mechanic.  It is similar to the salamander mechanic in Black Drake Villa, only MUCH larger.

Bomber Bugs! – During the fight the room will be filled with aggressive low health bugs! They will target players and chase them down. If you have sufficient damage you can kill them before they become a problem BUT this is going to be rare. What you need to do is spot the mechanic and apply yourself accordingly.  IF you are the main target you will literally have a target over your head, and the bug targeting you will also have the same symbol. Let them GET to you, and then when they try to explode, simply dodge roll.

You could kite them around the room being chased like a lunatic while people kill them behind you, but that is literally up to you. It’s much more efficient to just dodge roll before they explode. You can also block but on hardmode, they will MOST of the time still kill you. So pay close attention and don’t nuke all your stamina before this phase.

Flushed Away! – THIS is a very unique brand new mechanic to the game! At 65% and 35%, the boss will disappear and you will all be flung around in what looks like a toilet flush mechanic. Swirling around in a circle. There are 3 areas around the circle where multiple adds are sitting and you must go around the room and clear each section.  The way to leave the toilet bowl is to activate the synergy section when you get to it and it will force you to jump onto the land.

EACH section has TWO possible synergy spots. To be SAFE in this scenario you should let your TANK jump out first. Once your tank is on the land it is then safe for the rest of the group to join them so long as they have gone straight into the fight taunting the adds.  There are multiple targets to kill but if you focus the spider and kill it, everything else will die.

Warning:  The two-legged yellow enemies do a MASSIVE heavy attack with a really really long wind up. If you are a DPS or Healer and this is on you, you must time a dodge roll. If you are a tank you must block it. Failure to do so will kill you.  After one phase is over, jump back into the water and repeat the process two more times until the section is over.  Again I cannot stress this enough, let the TANK go first!

Hard Mode – Hard mode the boss hits harder, the bugs are more aggressive, the boss has more health and the Flushed Away mechanic is a LITTLE different.  The mechanics of the Flushed Away part is pretty much the same at BASE but there are additions to the rules excluding the health increase.

While on the land you will receive pulsing damage that will ramp up stack by stack by stack. If you kill the adds fast you won’t get too many stacks and you can move on to the next. If NOT, however, and you start getting overwhelmed, you will have to jump into the water.  The water allows the stacks to fall off so you are safe again. HOWEVER! While in the water you ALSO take damage over time so you must not be in the water for a LONG time!

The trick is this, while you are in the water you can let the dots fall off, kinda cleansing it almost, BUT you must have a heal over time. Once the stacks are gone, landing on ANY island will still give you damage stacks but they are FRESH starting again from scratch (clear the stacks by jumping in, jump out, and start again).  So essentially, your healers are key here. Heal over time is VERY important! Keep a HOT on you at all times so that regardless of where you are, you are healing. One helpful tactic is to apply rapid regeneration (or any morph) and/or Vigor before jumping in the water, so you are covered during that lap.

The SAFEST way to do this is as follows (assuming you do not have enough damage to nuke the adds the first time and are forced to move).  Jump on the island (tank first), control the adds, and hit them as much as you can while maintaining AOE and single-target heal-over-time abilities.  Take a few stacks of lightning damage from the island and all jump INTO the water.  Get flushed around for one lap (should be enough time to let the stacks fall off) and then jump BACK onto the island and repeat the process.  There is NO DPS check here but if you have low damage, you will have to go around a few times to finish it.

Risk vs reward mechanics, being ballsy is going to POSSIBLY pay off, OR wipe you. Playing safe takes longer but is more controlled. The choice is yours.  Much like the regular version, there are 3 platforms. Once all are completed you move on to the next phase. Remember there is NO DPS CHECK so you CAN take your time.

Staff Guardian (secret boss #2)

This boss has the same arena-type layout as the previous one. A simple square room with a square pad on the floor. Use this deliberate design to your advantage and stand on one corner each as the group.

Heavy Attacks – The boss throws out multiple different attacks and swings including a legit heavy attack. In general, these are pretty simple to deal with. The tank should simply BLOCK the attacks when they happen, and hold the boss completely still.

Traps – The boss will at the beginning of the fight places multiple trap AOE sections on the ground. If you are in the correct formation of at least semi-stacking on the boss, this FIRST phase of them should not hit you. However, if any are of course ON you, find a safe space. Do NOT stand in them.

Meteor Teleport – The boss will cast a meteor-type ability and then vanish from one side of the room to the other, removing ALL traps. Shortly after he will cast NEW traps and you will have to shift your group to a new location.  It’s pretty much rinse and repeat from here.

S’zarzo the Bulwark

This boss is technically a type of miniboss for the most part but it has some specific mechanics that you WILL need to learn before the next fight, so we will include this one.  Hold the boss completely still and turn it away from the group, you will need to be SURE that it does NOT face the group

Heavy Attack – The boss will heavy attack the tank, or whoever has aggro with a fast shield swing! Be sure to block this as the tank or dodge it as a DPS/Healer.

Banner – The boss while around half health will throw out a Dragonknight banner. The DPS/healers do NOT want to be standing in this. Also while this does damage for anyone standing in it, it does also buff HIM so as the tank, move him OUT of the negative AOE on the ground to prevent him from hitting harder.

Adds – The boss spawn 4 adds at a time in the fight, these need to be controlled and killed. Be careful of the archers as they can fire off interruptible attacks. If the tank grabs them in with chains and can pin them with the boss, these can be made short work of. However, if you are having difficulty managing multiple targets, you can focus them down first and then fight the boss after.

Popcorn! – The boss goes through phases where he will channel his hand in the direction of the ground, and under each player will be 3 POPS from AOEs that appear under their feet. Do NOT run around the room, and do NOT dodge roll. Running around, it will still hit you, and the same for dodge too. If you get hit you will be flung into the air. Instead, find a safe space (don’t stack) and simply block the 3 incoming pops until they are gone. Each time this mechanic happens, repeat it.


The boss here is very simple, BUT also very dramatic and there is a LOT of moving around. So stack and burn builds will need to consider getting their running shoes on! The room is big and the boss teleports all over the place!  The tank should maintain a taunt on the boss 100% of the time and try to aim the direction the boss is facing away from the group. Whether that is standing behind the boss, or simply going wide aiming away from people, is up to you, but don’t aim the boss at your friends.

Be SURE that as the tank the FIRST thing you ever cast in this fight is a TAUNT, not a light attack, not another debuffing skill, it MUST be a taunt. Else the boss will attack someone else randomly and potentially one-shot them!

Teleport Strike – One of the first attacks the boss will do at the beginning is a Teleport Strike, exactly like that of the Nightblade skill. This if not blocked will borderline one-shot a DPS/Healer so the tank is responsible for making sure the first thing they ever hit the boss with is a taunt. Each time the boss re-enters the fight (spoiler she will vanish) she is likely to do this again, so maintaining that taunt is key.  IF you are on the receiving end of it, be sure to block!

Dash Mines – During the entire fight the boss from time to time will Dash across the room from one side to the other in multiple jumps, each time she jumps she will place mines on the floor. DO NOT stand in them! Move your group as a unit to her new location and watch your feet! Carelessness in this scenario can make hard work for the group. The game won’t forgive you for casually walking into stupid 😉 .

Throwing Daggers – When she has reached her destination from the Dash Mines phase, she will continuously channel throwing daggers. This MUST be interrupted as soon as possible in order to stop her from doing it.

Backflip Bombs – After the interrupted Throwing daggers the boss will fire off a few light attacks and then do a wicked backflip. Yes, it looks pretty but watch your feet. She is throwing bombs around the room. Don’t get caught out.

BIG BOOM! – Shortly after the back flip she will channel a FAST spreading AOE which will EXPLODE when it gets to full size. You can block it or avoid it with a well-placed dodge roll.  Be warned however during this phase, the remaining mines will blow up!

MARKED! – Just like the target alert you had on the first boss, when the bugs are chasing you, ONE player will have a marker on their head and anywhere they go will drop rapidly placed AOE mines on the ground.  The trick to this is to spot it fast and walk backward to a SAFE spot until they stop being placed. Literally, just walk into a corner or where ever is safe away from your group to place the mines in an unused location, and then come back into the fight again.

If you do not kite these to a safe spot they will become a problem, and if you try to stand STILL, they will stack up and kill you.  Learn this mechanic FAST else it will become a problem. Consider the room, space, and your group when placing these.

Adds – There are technically 2 phases of these. The boss will throw a smoke bomb and vanish causing 4 adds to enter the fight. Pull these together and kill them. After they are dead there will be 2 more phases of them. Each time the adds spawn the Marked mechanic will happen to a random player.  The first phase is around 75% health, the second is about 40%. The second phase however will have the Sword and Board Khajiit add, similar to the previous boss S’Zarzo.

Shadows – The boss will vanish and all around the room will be shadows/reflections of her. You will as a team, have to find which one is the real one. They are all channeling so must be interrupted. If not done fast enough, one player will be shot by ALL remaining shadows at once. Split up, interrupt them all until you find the real one, and then continue the fight as normal.

Hard Mode – The difference to hard mode as with most starts with MORE health on the boss and MORE damage applied by her too. So you will have to be careful. However, the majority of the mechanics are exactly the same with a couple of twists…The adds phases are still the same HOWEVER during that phase it will not be ONE person that gets marked per phase, it will be ALL of you. So to help with this situation, when the adds spawn, grab them all together as fast as possible and circle them as a group (standing still of course) when possible.
When the marks come, all walk backward dropping the mines away from the group, and then come back IN again. That should solidify a great formation for the fight and keep mines at a safe space.

Also, there is one more mechanic added to the middle of the fight which persists throughout. Technically this kicks in around the 60% mark but you will have TWO mages enter the fight. One on either side of the room.  You have two options, stack the boss on the closest one and gradually kill one with the boss each time it teleports (they will respawn eventually) OR simply track their mechanics and act accordingly when it happens.

Over time they will CONSTANTLY channel big AOEs and damage. The main thing you need to do as a group is to interrupt them from doing so as soon as possible.  If you can manage to keep them interrupted promptly throughout the fight you will be fine and they won’t cause much of a problem. If not, you are either going to die or have to spend more time on THEM to give you breathing space between mechanics.

Either option is fine but bear in mind failing to interrupt and forcing killing them will make the fight longer, so you will have to repeat the fight mechanics a lot more than normal.

TIP:  Have someone with a ranged interrupt hang out in the middle of the room, and be on interrupt duty. This can be a game changer but the strategies you apply are really up to you.


Shield Guardian (secret boss #3)

This secret boss is pretty simple, just like the previous ones, hold the boss in the middle of the square and have each member of the group stand on a corner of the square.  That way you can all reach and are in a safe place for the fight and it’s mechanics

Heavy Attacks – The boss throws out multiple small and large swings and heavy attacks. The tank simply needs to block these and maintain a taunt so that the group doesn’t get hit.

SHIELD! – At around 60-55% health depending on the group’s damage (mechanics can overlap) the boss will channel into a crouch position and have a constant shield protecting him. You CANNOT damage the boss.  In the meantime, there are 3 adds in the room all channeling energy into the shield. Kill each of the adds and the shield will break. Resume positions and continue as you were at the beginning of the fight. Simple as that!

If you have high damage you will see this happen once.  If you have lower damage then you will see this mechanic happen again at very low health. If it happens, simply rinse and repeat the process.  There is no DPS check for the fight, you just may have to do the mechanic multiple times.


This boss very unique. It LOOKS like you have a great wide open space to fight in… you are going to need it! This will get rather dramatic depending on the mode you pick, regular or hardmode.  Regular is not so dangerous but hard mode has a WHOLE new mechanic added to it (more explained below)

Heavy Attack – The boss will heavy attack the tank, or anyone with aggro at the time. It will one-shot someone NOT blocking, but if you do block it, its damage is dramatically reduced. SO, block it! The way to spot it is he will wind up a HUGE two-handed uppercut much like a wrecking blow.

Waves – During the fight there will be 3 casts of WAVES across the room. These are HUGE and you must NOT get caught in them. This will happen throughout the whole fight so be ready to change position if necessary to avoid incoming damage. Do not stand in it and try and block it, simply step OUT of it.

Marked Orb – During the fight ONE player will be MARKED (same symbol as all other marks in the dungeon). When this happens, look around. From the water will be a slow-moving orb in the direction of THAT player. You have two options.  You can kill it, which may take some time depending on your group before it reaches the player. If you fail it will go boom and kill them.

OR you can run up to it holding block and deliberately exploding it. The block if you are full health is more than sufficient enough for ANY player to take out the orb and live through. Making the mechanic 10x easier to deal with.

NOTE:  If you pop it near the group, they will have to block too of course.

Traps – The boss will cast negative AOE marks on the group. This will be a channeled purple/dark AOE under the feet of individuals.  The way to manage this is to find a SAFE, far away empty space and run to it while receiving heals. After a few seconds, this will drop on the ground.

Place it, and come back to the fight. This will happen multiple times during the fight so be sure to place it in a location you are unlikely to use so people don’t run over it while it sits there. It does a lot of damage when you stand in it so keep away from them once they are on the ground.

Curse – The boss will occasionally cast a single dot on a player. This doesn’t hit TOO hard but feels like a nasty bled when stacked with other incoming damage/mechanics. You cannot cleanse this so be sure to keep heals up to counter it!

GRYPHONS! – There are THREE Gryphons in the room (technically 4 but 3 get involved). EACH one has its OWN unique mechanics and they spawn in on health percentages in a RANDOM order. They spawn in around 90%, 80%, and 50% health of the boss give or take a couple of % depending on the group and overlapping mechanics/damage.

Gryphons should be considered primary targets. They can die WITH the boss and stacked with him too, but be aware, if you push the boss too soon, you could end up with more than one bird at a time. Focus on the target and then push to the next in order to simplify the fight and not be overwhelmed.

NOTE:  Watch out for a large frontal cone heavy attack from the gryphons, NO ONE but the tank should be standing anywhere near it. Stay away from the teeth!

Gryphon 1:  Mafremare  – The WIND Gryphon. This hits with basic attacks including a heavy attack and during its life will repeat a wind mechanic. Where ever the Gryphon is standing it will cast TWO winds. These will rotate in an area repeatedly until they run out. After a short while this will happen again.

TIP:  The winds have such a wide range that if you are melee, you can technically stack up against the Gryphon and completely avoid it, OR stay ranged and completely avoid it. Watch your feet!

Gryphon 2:  Ofallo – The BLEED Gryphon is probably one of the easiest. Hold it still and smack it to death. It has basic attacks and heavies like the other but above all has a bleed mechanic. Out heal this and kill the bird as soon as you can, remember try to not over burn the boss before it is dead so you don’t end up with TWO.

Gryphon 3:  Illiata – The PUG KILLER LIGHTING BUDGIE!!  THIS bird is the MOST likely to kill your group because of one simple and PUNISHING mechanic. During the fight and lasting around 30 seconds with an equal gap after it has gone, the bird will channel a LARGE (30% of the size of the room at least) lightning AOE! This will pick a random player and follow them around the room.

The simple solution is to notice who has it on them and for them to kite it AWAY from the group. But that does not always work out. AVOID it basically, if you have to shift the position of the group, then do so but overall NO ONE should be standing in this.  Every time it spawns, watch your feet, hit the bird, and survive. Once it is gone, hit the bird and be ready for another one.

It is a simple rinse and repeat mechanic but it makes the fight much more mobile while dealing with the other mechanics.  MOST groups fail because of THIS mechanic. Remember though the Gryphons are random. So you could get this one FIRST, which is lucky. Get it out of the way nice and quick.

Hard Mode:  – The boss is pretty much the same throughout, same mechanics, the same stuff coming from the budgies, and all the good stuff you already understand. However, there ARE some additions to consider which dramatically change the fight.

Tether – First of all is the Tether mechanic. Rather than a simple dot on a player (which you will get also occasionally) TWO players will be tethered to each other. This will do damage over time to BOTH players and it will do MORE damage the further away from each other they are. Be sure to stay close and do NOT cut past another player. If someone gets caught in that beam, they are one shot!!! Don’t kill your team!

Waves – The waves phase are the same, 3 sets of waves…SETS of waves! That’s right, instead of one at a time, you get TWO! Find a gap, don’t get caught.

Traps – The traps you are already used to are no longer one at a time, EVERY player will get one per phase.

GRYPHON 4!:  Kargaeda – DON’T PANIC!!! Panicking will make your experience in this mechanic SHORT. Most people die here instantly. Take a breath and see what is going on in front of you.

At 30% health the FINAL Gryphon will arrive in the room. This Gryphon is HUGE, has HIGH health and has some nasty mechanics. They can be dealt with simply but the problem is you will have all the other mechanics at the same time. Your primary focus for the remainder of the fight is killing that budgie!

When in the room it will fire off similar attacks to the other Gryphons, light attacks heavies, and big cone attacks with one major twists. A massive spinning tornado! All other mechanics are present so you really have to pay attention.

The main thing you must watch above all is that the room is now split into quarters. EACH quarter is a safe space but it is spinning, if you stand still you will die, so you will basically have to fight the boss in a circle, constantly moving and trying to avoid the danger spots.

The MAIN boss will be immune for the majority of this so you must kill the bird.  There is NO DPS CHECK so high damage or low damage makes no difference to being able to clear it, you just may have to deal with the mechanic longer. There is no major enrage or anything at low health so 100% health or 10% health, the mechanics are the same.  After the bird is dead, it’s just you and the boss.

The fight can be split up into sections, digest each piece of information stage by stage, and put it all together. It’s not as complex as some make it out to be, but it will require CLEAR mechanical knowledge to be able to execute it successfully. Teamwork is key! No solo soloers 😉


Z’baza (final secret boss)

AFTER the final boss IF you have killed all the secret bosses, you can go through a portal together and face the final SECRET BOSS! (note: the dungeon is technically over at the previous boss, this is “extra” ).  This is basically a dungeon Z’maja! Big Sload, with loads of traps and mind blasts. The tank should make sure in ANY situation that the boss is faced AWAY from the group.  If you have completed the regular Veteran version you will, of course, fight the basic one, if you have done all hard modes you will have the hard mode variant.

Mind Blast – Exactly the same as Z’Maja in Cloudrest, if the boss can SEE players, they will be hit with Mind Blast attacks. NEVER stand in front of the boss unless you are the tank, and as the tank, always turn her AWAY!

Mark Orbs – Throughout the entire fight the boss will spawn orbs that will chase targets with a mark above their head, you can kite these or block next to them and pop them. realistically the less damage you take the better so simply stay away from them.

BIG BOOMS! – During the fight the boss will place very large AOEs on the ground. Avoid these at all costs, especially when the boss teleports from time to time as when the boss appears at the other end of the teleport phase, the bombs will all explode!

Tentacles – Tentacles will spawn around the arena. They have swipe attacks that can be blocked or dodged and at the same time while present they will force aoes to be dropped all over the room aimed at players. You can continue to hit the boss and ignore them for a time if you choose but if you get rid of them, then it becomes easier because the aoes will stop being placed.  I would recommend killing them, they don’t have a huge amount of health.

Portal – When the boss teleports, a portal will be left behind, if you activate it you will be ported TO her. This helps a lot for the tank to get to her quickly if need be.

SHIELD – At around 55% and 25% the boss will teleport to a tentacle and will be encased in a shield. This mechanic you have seen before, it is one of the secret bosses. Kill the tentacle (the enemy giving the shield) and the shield will drop.  Be warned, however, during this phase you are inside a LARGE frozen bubble of damage and will need to be healed during your time inside of it.

Hard Mode – If you have completed all previous secrets AND hard modes, THIS boss will be in hard mode form!  So what’s the difference?  More orbs, more health, more big booms! That’s pretty much it.  Apply the same tactics as above, hit the boss, kill the tentacles, watch your feet, rinse repeat.

The boss will HIT a lot harder but the mechanics are pretty much the same.  This dungeon is very unique, has LOTS to learn and serious attention to your feet base game mechanics are key, but if you can master it, it is one of the best-designed dungeons in the game.


Coral Aerie Dungeon Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Coral Aerie.

On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and the main boss DOES drop a special monster helmet.

Note: in dungeons some individual bosses can drop a unique item but generally, the weapons and jewelry (non-named items) come from the last boss. HOWEVER the entire loot table can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!  Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

If you are looking for a matching shoulder monster piece, visit the Undaunted Pledge Master Urgarlag Chief-Bane at the nearest Undaunted enclave.  She sells a 50/50 chance at the shoulder piece as part of the Ascending Tide Coffer or it could be in her mystery coffer.  You can learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide.

Builds That Use Coral Aerie Gear

 Coral Aerie Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Perfect Speed Challenge
Aerie Glider

Defeat all encounters in addition to Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion within 25 minutes of entering Veteran Coral Aerie. Your timer starts upon engaging the first group of enemies.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor b
Around and Around and Around

Travel two kilometers by Whirlpool during the battle with Maligalig in Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Book 001
Ascendant Order Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Ascendant Order style book, acquired by defeating the final boss in Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Pkg Both Vet Complete
Ascending Tide Delver

Complete both Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret in Veteran.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Pkg Loyalty Reward
Ascending Tide Explorer

Enter either Coral Aerie or Shipwright’s Regret for the first time.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Pkg Both Normal Complete
Ascending Tide Scout

Complete both Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret in Normal.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Meta
Coral Aerie Challenger

Complete the listed achievements for Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Vet Bosses
Coral Aerie Conqueror

Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Bosses
Coral Aerie Vanquisher

Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion in Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor g
Coral Compact

Collect all Covenants available within Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Hard Mode b1
Crustacean Cracker

Defeat Maligalig after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor f
Globule Gobbler

Collect 30 Alchemical Globules in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Kill Monsters b
Gryphon Slayer

Defeat 50 gryphons in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Perfect Non Meta
Land, Air, and Sea Supremacy

Defeat all encounters in addition to Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Coral Aerie within 25 minutes without suffering a group member death. Your timer starts upon engaging the first group of enemies.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Hard Mode b2
Not the Sharpest Knife

Defeat Sarydil after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor a
Pressure Front

Defeat Maligalig without allowing a Storm Front to persist for more than five seconds during the fight in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Secret Content Meta
Seafaring Sleuth

Complete secrets in both Coral Aerie and Shipwright’s Regret.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Death Challenge

Defeat all encounters in addition to Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion in Veteran Coral Aerie without suffering a group member death.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor d
Splash Fighter Supreme

Destroy two or more Sea Orbs within five seconds during the battle with Varallion in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor c
Sumerset Preservation Society

Defeat Sarydil without allowing her to break any of the stone pillars lining the room in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Hard Mode Final
Superior Pedigree

Defeat Varallion after placing the Challenge Banner in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Hard Mode Meta
Tentacless Triump

Defeat Maligalig, Sarydil, and Varallion after placing the Challenge Banner and without gaining the benefits of any Covenants in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Flavor e
Tentacular Tenderizer

Strike enemies with tendrils 250 times as a group in Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Bonus Boss
Time Served

Find and release the prisoner in the depths of Veteran Coral Aerie.

ESO In-Game Icon Update 33 Dun 1 Kill Monsters a
Yaghra Slayer

Defeat 200 yaghra in Veteran Coral Aerie.

Coral Aerie Leads

There are currently no leads located in Coral Aerie.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…