Blessed Crucible Dungeon Guide

This dungeon you will have access to at level 32 or if you travel to the opening yourself at lower levels.
This is located in the South Eastern part of The Rift map as shown below left.

The bosses are marked on the map below right with their names and locations. I shall explain their mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing them. 


Boss Fights

Grunt The Clever

This boss is a very simple one with some very obvious mechanics, as you would imagine he does hit fairly hard since he is a very large target, but he is also very sluggish so simple to avoid hits.

To initiate the fight however instead of the traditional “run in and smack stuff” you do have to converse with him for the fight to start.

As with ALL bosses, the tank should be sure to turn the boss AWAY from the group and the group should stay BEHIND the target at all times to prevent being at the end where the teeth are!

Slam Attack – Occasionally the boss will hit with a HUGE swing which hits in frontal aoe. IF you are hit by this you will fly an extremely long way in the air, way off the platform you are fighting him on.

All you have to do is simply dodge roll or walk out of the aoe cone and you will be unharmed.

Fear – This is exactly what it says on the tin. Every so often the boss will roar at the group fearing all members into running random directions from the boss for 3-4 seconds. All you need to do in this phase is break free.

So long as your maintain your stamina resource for the majority of the fight you will (or should) be able to instantly break free when he fears you.

Careful after breaking however because he CAN throw out his Slam Attack straight after to try to get some big hits on the running targets.

The Pack

This boss is an arena type scenario where you fight multiple waves of small enemies. Close ranged and long ranged.

The group should stay generally central for the waves of enemies and the tank should try to chain/pull in as many ranged as possible so the group can dispatch them fast with aoe damage.

Once all waves are dead the 4x bosses will jump into the room. The tank should bring all x4 together and hold them still and try NOT to make any of them face the group.

NOTE: these bosses CAN be chained, stunned, rooted, cc’d AND health potions will appear on the floor in the fight which you can pick up if you need.

Snagg Gro-Mashul – This boss has an aoe whirlwind like affect from his 2handed weapon, this is small and very easy to avoid by stepping out of it while it is happening. He also heavy attacks with an uppercut so be sure to block this.

Nusana – The boss ill occasionally cast a nasty line of fire across the floor, this is easy to avoid by simply moving to one side and letting it pass, but if it hits you it will REALLY hurt. Keep your eyes open. 

Dynus Aralas – The boss will cast fire and ice abilities including some cc, so be sure to make sure you keep a close eye on this boss so that heals and damage channeling abilities can be bashed/interrupted.

Kayd at-Sal – The boss is like a traditional rogue type, fast attacks and cna make mince meat of a dps.

This boss above ALL should be focused and your tank must NOT drop a taunt on this one. He is slippery.

If you are a dps and this guy focuses you, stay close to the tank so the tank can regain agro and be sure to block the incoming attacks.

ALL bosses at 30% turn into werewolves with flurry, heavy attack and pounce knock back abilities.

Teranya The Faceless

This boss is very simple but does hit very hard. Also in the beginning there are 2 Enraged Durzogs to deal with.

If the tank positions the boss facing away from the group and pins down the two Durzogs, they should die to aoe while the boss gradually takes damage. Hold the boss as still as possible.

Heavy Attack – Does exactly as it says on the tin. The heavy attack can be blocked and will hit the tank or whoever has agro. No matter what role you are, if this is on you, BLOCK IT. If you don’t you will be knocked down and take HUGE damage.

Whirlwind – Basically a steel tornado attack, the boss will spin and anyone caught in the small aoe around it will take physical damage. This is very easy to avoid, when you see the spin coming, step back a couple of feet, and when it is over step back in again.

Exploding Banekins – Throughout the fight Banekins will appear and run at the group, when they get to their target they will explode!
This is incredibly dangerous for the dps and these need to be managed. The aoe damage can sometimes be enough to kill them before they are a problem but if not the tank can also pin them while they are trying to run off.

The safest way to manage this above all is to be sure that the dps and healers are of course behind the boss but not too close (unless melee built) this way the banekins have longer to run and could die before they reach you.

However if they do reach you, simply block and/or put up a damage shield and you will be fine.

The Stinger, Incineration Beetles, & The Troll King

This boss is actually 3 waves, one is the fight with 4x incineration beetles, the next is the stinger (scorpion) and then finally the troll king.

Your tank needs to pay close attention to these fights and be sure that anything taunted is faced AWAY from the group. DPS and Healers need to focus here because running around the room WILL kill you. 

Incineration Beetles 4x nasty flaming beetles. The tank should try to hold these as still as possible. AOE damage all 4 of them at the same time as much as possible to kill them quickly and evenly.

The beetles throughout the fight especially low health will cast a nasty pulsing fire aoe (which burns a LOT) and also place aoe on the ground (more fire) standing in this will be a MESS!
Do NOT stand in it and your healer needs to really be on point for the incoming damage if people get caught. The beetles have low health but they can wipe groups. Be careful.

Stinger This boss is incredibly simple. The tank should face it away from the group, in the mean time block any heavy attacks that come in.
When the boss puts his stinger into the ground, one player will be targeted and poison will shoot out from under them to kill them, simply move away from this and do as you were doing. Do not sprint around the room, just move a bit and carry on.

The Troll King – This HUGE and if you understand him he is a bit of a puppy, BUT if you panic and run around the room, you will wipe. Tip..STAY CLOSE!!! 

JUMP – This mechanic is simple, if you are too  far away from the boss he will jump on your head. STAY CLOSE

Slam – The boss will hit the ground with a huge slam and be very easy to spot with a large AOE visual. Simple block or step out of it, BUT make sure you get back in position asap so that he doesn’t jump at long ranged targets.

Captain Thoran

This boss is so small and squishy but can cause a lot of damage if not dealt with fast. There are many adds in the room and the tank should try to center these in the middle with the boss.

Flame runes – The boss throws flame runes on the floor which burn for HIGH amounts of damage, be sure not to stand in these.

Clouds – Purple clouds will appear randomly in the room, cast from the boss, be sure to avoid these and don’t stand in them else they will deal HIGH damage to squishy players.

Atronach – At lot health the boss will spawn a flame atronach. This will give the boss a damage shield.
So long as you kill the Flame atronach the boss’s damage shield will disappear.
This is VERY relevant and important to the next boss fight. Remember, when you kill a flame atronach they explode, so don’t stand where they died.

The Lava Queen

This one is a tricky one! There is a lot going on and pretty much everything you can see will kill you, Lava kills, fire kills, pools of lava on the floor etc are all dangerous. Tiny pools are not there for fun or part of the scenery, they are HIGH damage areas and you are NOT meant to stand in them. So watch your feet!

The tank should put the boss as central as possible without standing in the lava and get ready for a world of pain. do NOT drop the boss!

For all group members, you must find your positions and focus. do NOT dance around the room, you WILL die and it is very hard to recover.

Atronachs – Just like the last boss, atronachs will spawn. During this fight the lesser her health the more atronachs spawn. They will attach a beam to her and render her IMMUNE to ALL damage until the atronachs are dead. You MUST focus those atronachs BUT be sure to follow mechanics because these can overlap with other phases. 

Heavy Attack – The boss as a very hard hitting heavy attack! If you block this you will take barely any damage (even a dps can survive) BUT if you miss it, you will fly a LONG way and she will follow up with other light attacks while you are on the ground.
The heavy is also delayed animation wise, so be sure that you block as soon as you see her winding it up. It will hit you way before the animation has finished.

Eruptions – randomly during the fight lava pools will erupt and fire into the room, watch your feet and avoid these. They are small aoe but they do hurt a lot!

Flame attack – randomly the boss will fire flame light attacks at the group, usually at the furthest target. So keep your shields up and/or block when you see this coming.

The Wheel! – From a birds eye view this looks like spokes of a wheel. She will stab her sword into the ground and erupt several fast moving lines of fire from her to the edge of the area. These are random in direction but they will constantly fire until she stands up again.

The trick to this is range! Staying close makes it impossible to have enough time to react. As soon as you see her stab the floor, move backwards and get as much safe distance as possible, watch the flame on the floor and if it is aiming at you,m simply move left and right to avoid it.

Once the phase is over, get back in again. Getting hit by this will ONE shot a dps or a healer, so spread out, dodge the attacks and come back in…simple..effective, but done wrong, it is devastating.

Taking off vampire wont save you…THIS will one shot anyone but a tank, and even most of those will die vampire or not. Watch your feet!

Good luck!

Dungeon Loot

Here is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in The Blessed Crucible. On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and Lava Queen DOES drop a special monster helmet. Note Each individual boss can drop a unique item but generally the weapons and jewellery (non named items) come form the last boss) HOWEVER weapons and jewellery and regular loot can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!

Builds That Use This Gear

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…                   


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