Blackrose Prison Arena Guide

When Imperial Potentate Versidue-Shaie wanted a distant dungeon to house the most feared criminal and political prisoners of the Second Empire, he ordered a penal institution built on the coast of Black Marsh; it was named Blackrose Prison after the ancient city a day’s march to the north.

Blackrose Prison is a four-person arena in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The arena consists of various areas each with its own challenges and enemies.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the arena’s bosses.

Blackrose Prison Location

Blackrose Prison is located in the southwestern region of Murkmire.  Travel northwest from the Blackrose Prison Wayshrine to reach Blackrose Prison.  You can also access Blackrose Prison specifically on your Murkmire map.

Inside Blackrose Prison

Blackrose Prison is a one-level arena with five bosses and one quest.  The enemies in this arena include river trolls, flame atronachs, bloodfiends, and skeletal soldiers.

The Black Gauntlet

Erilthel has requested that I help save her boss Seeks-the-Dark by completing a gauntlet held by the Blackguards. I’ll have to make my way through the many foes of Blackrose Prison and emerge victorious.

Completing The Black Gauntlet

You will need to survive the Prisonyard, the Hall of Beasts, the Vampire’s Den, the Mess Hall of Misery, and defeat Drakeeh the Unchained. Speak to Erithel to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, a skill point, and a Blackrose Weapon.

Blackrose Prison Boss Mechanics

Need specific info?  Click these quick links to go directly to each section.

Arena 1:  Battlemage Ennodius

This boss can be relatively simple but LOOKS really scary and most will tell you “Don’t be a vampire!” However, in the video, I was clearly a stage 4 vampire and did just fine. The trick is understanding the mechanics and of course, that is what I am here for!  The tank needs to taunt the boss at all times of course and try to stay still while the croup should be BEHIND the boss whenever possible to avoid complications.

Meteor – This is a very simple mechanic. Every player will be presented with an aoe and a meteor is on its way! So spread out and make sure NONE overlap and hold block. Once it lands go back to where you were and continue with the boss.

Note:  If your resistances are low or your health is not 100% you CAN take a one-shot even if blocking so be sure to keep up those heals and buffs during this phase!

Flame Atronachs – These can be taunted, killed, or ignored. The choice is yours alone as a group. If you ignore them and focus on the boss you WILL, however, have to deal with incoming fireballs and ground-based aoe fire that moves across the room.

Some people like to kill the adds then the boss. Some people like to move the boss around the room killing one atronachs and damaging the boss at the same time over and over in a clockwise rotation (very good for groups with low damage).
Others like to buff up with resists and heals while watching their feet.

To play it safe, ensure the tank range taunts them so that they hit the tank and not the group, and kill a couple to take some of the pressure off.

Flame Whip – The boss will throw out heavy attacks as a flame whip. IF this hits a dps/healer they are dead whether the block or not. The tank should keep a taunt on the boss at all times so this ONLY hits the tank. The tank MUST block this, or they will take a one-shot and die.

Spinning Fire!!! – After two meteor phases the boss will teleport into the middle and create a massive aoe around the outside of the room. So no one can go around the room and must come into the middle. During this, the boss will create a tripod-type aoe that will spin in a clockwise rotation.

What you MUST do is find a safe spot and follow it around in a circle much like Molag Kena’s spinning lightning. Once it is over carry on as normal.  Watch your feet because other mechanics from Atronachs etc will still persist. If you can do rotations while moving in a circle then that is perfect, if not, just survive until it is over!

Arena 2:  Tames-the-Beast

This boss is very simple but can be a complete mess. The boss will move around a LOT so this is a fairly mobile fight and there are adds coming in all of the time.  Be sure to ALWAYS have the boss taunted and try to manipulate his position so that he is in the middle of the room as much as possible so you don’t have to keep upsetting the Netches. Regardless of what happens in the fight ALWAYS maintain a taunt.

Spiders and Hackwings – They spawn throughout the fight and if you do not deal with them you will end with loads of them! Be sure to kill the spiders FIRST, then the hackwings, and THEN the boss. These are your PRIMARY targets, do NOT let them live.

BEES! (Flies, Bugs, Whatever) – This mechanic is very similar to Siroria’s mechanic in Cloudrest, in fact, the second time we saw anything like this in the game. One person will be targeted with a swarm of insects and 2-3 people must stack with them inside the swarm to spread the damage out between the group while keeping up the heals.

The damage over time will then be split between the group and once it is over you can carry on as normal.  Be warned, this can happen at some VERY uncomfortable times so be aware of surrounding mechanics and aoes, and if you have to move as a group, coordinate as such while staying in the circle. The circle is attached to ONE player.

Snipe – The boss will wind up a snipe with an orange glow usually aimed at whoever has agro(the tank). No matter what phase you are in the fight you MUST interrupt this.

Troll – At 75% health the boss will spawn a troll in the room. It will require interrupts and also careful foot placement.  The tank must keep this taunted at all times but also the group must be aware of his frontal cleave (triangle aoe in front) so don’t stand there, and also his ground slam.  If he starts to slam the ground you must NOT stand near him. If you get caught by it, you will die! Kill the troll before proceeding with the boss.

Roots – The boss will occasionally cast a root on players where you will be unable to move. You must dodge roll or cleanse to get out of these else after a couple of seconds or so, they will crush you and you will die.

Haj Mota – At 60% health and under, a Haj Mota will spawn. These are HUGE, fast, and annoying! The tank MUST turn this away from the group.  It will help if you can keep this in the middle of the room so that you don’t have to deal with too many Netchs.

Also note that while the tank holds taunt they MUST still maintain a taunt on the boss.  The group should focus on killing the Haj Mota before turning damage onto the boss again.  The Haj Mota will occasionally dive across the floor meaning repositioning is going to need to happen (careful here the next mechanic normally happens).

Finally, stay OUT of the frontal 180-degree field of view of the Haj Mota as dps and/or healers because he will duck his head in the ground and then come up rapidly with some fast-moving aoes. If you avoid these you are fine, if not you are dead.  ALWAYS stay behind the target and as a tank NEVER spin this on the group.

Wamasu – Finally at around 35% a wamasu will spawn! THIS is now your primary focus. The safest way to deal with this is to actually stay spread out at range so you can SEE what the mechanics are as they can be quite random.  The tank should hold it in the middle of the room if possible to prevent too much interaction with the Netchs and this should be killed rather than focusing on the boss.5

The Wamasu must be turned away from the group and the group’s hold always stay behind it or to its side.  It has 3 basic mechanics. Firstly it will charge up a lightning breath at the tank in a cone aoe, which needs to be blocked.

Secondly, it will turn and aim randomly at a random player and fire a lightning ball directly at them (this is why you stay spread out so you can clearly see who the target is).  If YOU are the target, simply dodge roll and you will 100% avoid it. Failing that block it but you will need heals.

And his most dangerous mechanic is of course his burst mechanic. He will squat down wiggling and then burst with multiple aoes flying across the floor in all directions. THIS is why you stay ranged.  Close range you won’t see them and die instantly. Long range you can see them and find a gap to stand in so you don’t get hit. This is a one-shot for any dps and/or healer, so pay attention!

NOTE: This boss is much easier to control if you put full focus on the adds NOT the boss and take your time. Once the wamasu is dead the only thing left is the boss excluding the spider and hack wing spawns.  Always focus the adds before the boss. Execute is very simple with no wamasu/troll/Haj Mota to deal with so is much more relaxed than most executes. Once the wamasu is down, relax and take your time!

Arena 3:  Lady Minara

This boss you can hold for the MOST part in the middle of the room depending on the mechanic she is going through but the tank of course MUST maintain a taunt at all times and the group should NEVER stand in her face. So be sure she is always turned away!  There are portals on the floor around the room which move, avoid these UNTIL you need them (explained below)

Portals – There are 3 portals surrounding the room. If you take them by accident OR to cleanse they will spawn 3x skeletons at random (sometimes melee sometimes ranged) these have low health but should be dealt with. Kill them quickly because their damage can be hard to deal with.

Tether – If the boss tethers a player she will be immune and you have a VERY short period of time to find a portal to stand in to cleanse it. If you don’t get to a portal on the floor within around 3-5 seconds you will die! So be quick and get to one before you explode!

Heavy Attack – This should only be on the tank so be careful not to drop taunt.
You must block this heavy attack and be sure it is faced AWAY from the group else it will hit other players because it does have a small aoe. kind of like the Dawnbreaker like the mechanic from Zaan. 
If this is on a dps however (aggro lost whatever) be sure to time it and dodge roll it, you won’t block this as a dps.

BATS – The boss will spawn bats, pretty much like the vampire boss in VDSA and like the vampire ultimate. Get out of this as soon as possible to stop taking too much damage or else of course you will die. This doesn’t last long but it hurts so you may want to move the boss.

Bone Colossus – Occasionally the boss will spawn a BONE colossus (this especially happens at low health also during execute). This is tethered to her and she will be immune while it is active. You MUST focus on this target and kill it before you can hit her again.

The tank needs to taunt this asap else it will heavy attack members of the group and kill them. Also, note if you don’t block this as a tank (the heavy attack) you will die.  DPS/healers must dodge roll the heavy attack if it is on them because it hits WAY too hard for them to be able to block it.

Drain – This drain mechanic will stun the player and drain life from them. It is a very fast-played ability that happens throughout the fight to random members of the group.  You can break free from it but to stop her channeling you MUST interrupt her!

Infusers/Adds – Under 35% she will spawn a bone colossus and 1x infuser and under 20% health she will spawn a wave of adds including 2x infusers, you MUST make sure these are interrupted at all costs. 

You can kill them and play it safe or go for the kill of the boss (depends on the group) but if you do NOT interrupt them when they channel…they will enrage everything in the room including the boss.  Pay attention to interrupts and don’t get execute panic. You can take as long as you need on this phase so long as it is controlled.

Arena 4:  3x The Bosses!

This is tricky!! The tank has a LOT to deal with in this round, especially from the first add pull but of course, priority targets are key.  Deal with interrupts and adds as soon as possible and THEN deal with the boss.  The tank should start by positioning in the middle of the room and be sure to never drop taunt from a single boss!

All mechanics have been seen before by the group at this point so they should be familiar, however NOW you have to do multiple boss mechanics at once!

Battlemage Ennodius – The flame boss from round one appears and comes in with only 63% health.  All mechanics apply for this boss from the FIRST section up above, be sure that you study these!  At 35% health, the SECOND boss will spawn in the room!

Tames-the-Beast – You now have two bosses in the room, the first one and this one !! Kill the first boss and then you will be left with this one alone rather than both.

When this boss reaches 60% health (which is very early on since he comes in at 65%) he will spawn a wamasu!  Be careful here remember how to kill it before, watch your feet (explained in the second boss section).

Then at 50% he will spawn the LAST boss from round 3 (the vampire). Also, note that at 35% he will spawn the Haj Mota so be very careful and keep this away turned away from the group (also explained above).

Lady Minara – This boss is very simple you know her from the last round. Stay out of bats, interrupt the drain, and cleanse if you get tethered! Remember to watch your feet with the portals and kill the adds when they spawn. This fight doesn’t have any infusers or extra jazz, just her basic mechanics as explained in Arena 3 above.

TIP!:  Kill the flame boss first of course. Low health will spawn the archer but keep a taunt on him and ignore him until the flame boss is dead (that releases you of those mechanics).  DO NOT push the archer, instead get the health to 50% (after the wamasu is dead) and then KILL the vampire. Killing the vampire leaves just YOU and the archer in the room.

A Haj mota will spawn when he is low health but everything else is dead so it helps clear the room and now you have two choices, kill the haj mota and then the boss.
Or take the haj mota to the corner ignoring it turned away from the group while the boss gets killed on his own.  THIS way around the vampire doesn’t spawn when the haj mota is in the room and it makes things a LOT less confusing!

Arena 5:  Drakeeh the Unchained

This is actually a VERY straightforward fight! He should be taunted at all times of course and can be held in any corner of the room (that’s right not every fight has to be done in the MIDDLE).  Doing so will make it easier for the tank to avoid the ghosts and hold the boss in a much better position without over-confusing the issue.

The dps and healer should look at the 3 pads in the room and decide who is assigned to WHICH pad, and stick to that when it is important (explained below).

Cleave – The boss has a very thin and wide cleave attack which should be blocked by the tank and faced away from the group.  Pay close attention to this and make sure as a dps/healer you don’t get caught by it.  If you end up having it aimed in your direction, dodge roll.

Totem – Throughout the fight there will be totems spawning in the room in one of the 4 corners. These MUST be focused. They fire off 3-4x rocks at the group which needs to be blocked else you will be knocked down and stunned.  Make sure someone is keeping an eye out for these and calling them out when they spawn so the dps can prioritize them.

Ghosts – The boss will put his hand in the air and put an aoe around all players. This is when some of the ghosts will have a yellow aura around them.  The 3 pads that were assigned now need to be paid attention to. Each person should pick up 2-3 ghosts and deposit them or cleanse them in their own pad.

So go to YOUR side of the room, and do your part. If each player (not the tank) grabs two each and cleanses, the boss will create an explosion, and all remaining ghosts will determine how much damage you will all take.
If you don’t get enough ghosts you will all die.

NOTE:  If you accidentally pick up normal ghosts before this phase, don’t pick up any more than two. If not you can pick up 3. Too many ghosts – BOOM!  If successful you will all live and carry on fighting as normal.

Negate Bubble – After the explosion of the ghost phase, the boss will put a negate bubble where he stands.  The tank will be the one caught in this based on the position, and should simply move the boss until the bubble is gone and then place him back in the corner again.  Note the cleave will come shortly after this.

Magic Bomb – Just like the adds in the previous round (mages) the boss will channel an attack that will release a bomb into the air and onto the floor.
This can be interrupted to be completely avoided.

Proxy Shadows – The shadows will spawn at 60% health (2x shadows). They have low health and duplicate the boss’s basic heavy attack and bomb mechanic.  The tank should stack these on the boss and the group must be ready to interrupt them whenever they try to channel.

Focus these adds at ALL times unless you are killing a totem. This is not a dps race, but these must be focused no matter what so that it is much safer on the main boss.

Dragon Leap – The boss after 60% and when the shadows are in will do a Dragon Leap or jump, into the air.  When this happens he will choose a target at random and a big circle will appear where he is going to land.  Simply move out of the circle and it won’t get you.

TIPS: Be sure to focus the totems at all times, focus the adds before the boss, assign dedicated pads and ghost areas, and keep the boss faced in the corner for ease of positioning as much as possible.  As explained in the video this is NOT a dps race, just prioritize mechanics. Apart from that, it is rinse and repeat!


Blackrose Prison Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Blackrose Prison.

Normal weapons can drop from the last boss of the arena on normal difficulty.  Perfected versions of the weapons only drop in Veteran difficulty modes.

Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

Builds That Use Blackrose Prison Gear

Blackrose Prison Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 4
A Thrilling Trifecta

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Lady Minara, and Tames-the-Beast within 20 seconds of each other in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran No Deaths Speed
Blackrose Buccaneer

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison in under 40 minutes without dying. The timer starts when the first arena begins.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran
Blackrose Prison Conqueror

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Normal
Blackrose Prison Vanquisher

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Extra 3
Cleansing the Damned

Have a single group member successfully absorb at least three of Drakeeh’s targets during his Spirit Ignition ability and cleanse themselves without dying.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 1
Faster Than Flames

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius without group members taking flame damage while her Flame Spouts ability is active in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran Speed
Gauntlet Gallop

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison in under 30 minutes. The timer starts when the first arena begins.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran No Deaths Speed No Powerups
God of the Gauntlet

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison in under 40 minutes without dying and without activating Sigils during combat. The timer starts when the first arena begins.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Book 001
Honor Guard Style Master

Learn every chapter in the Honor Guard style book, occasionally found as rewards for completing Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Extra 1
Meteor Mayhem

Use Battlemage Ennodius’ Meteor ability to stun all four atronachs simultaneously in the first arena of Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 2
Rarely Rooted

Defeat Tames-the-Beast without a group member becoming trapped by the Crushing Roots ability in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Extra 2
Rise of the Fallen

Use a Sigil of Resurrection in any arena to revive three other group members at once in Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran No Deaths Speed No Powerups
Sigil Stingy

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison without using Sigils during combat.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 3
Skeletal Summoning

Defeat Lady Minara after three Bone Colossi are summoned within 30 seconds of the round beginning in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Boss 5
Spirits Sundered

Defeat Drakeeh the Unchained while always ensuring he absorbs at least 2 spirits before casting Spirit Scream in Veteran Blackrose Prison.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Blackrose Veteran No Deaths
Unchained and Undying

Defeat Battlemage Ennodius, Tames-the-Beast, Lady Minara, and Drakeeh the Unchained in Veteran Blackrose Prison without dying.

Blackrose Prison Leads

There are currently no leads located in Blackrose Prison.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…