Black Drake Villa Dungeon Guide

After the fall of the Longhouse Emperors, this grand retreat stayed largely abandoned aside from the occasional treasure hunter. Most of the spoils of Durcorach’s campaign across Tamriel went missing, only to appear later on the black market.

Black Drake Villa is a four-person dungeon in the game The Elder Scrolls Online. The dungeon consists of various rooms and corridors, each with its own challenges and enemies.  Black Drake Villa can be accessed at Level 10.  In this guide, I shall explain the mechanics as well as what you should and shouldn’t do while facing the dungeon’s bosses.

Black Drake Villa Location

The Black Drake Villa is located in the northeastern region of the Gold Coast.  Travel northeast from the Gold Coast Wayshrine to reach Black Drake Villa.  You can also access Black Drake Villa specifically by using the Dungeon Finder.

Inside Black Drake Villa

Black Drake Villa is a three-level dungeon with four bosses, four secret bosses, and one quest.  The enemies in this dungeon include fire behemoths, Ironeye Ravagers, True-Sworn Scouts, and blazing salamanders.

Burning Secrets

I found the Black Drake Villa, an old retreat for the Longhouse Emperors. The young adventurer Eveli Sharp-Arrow enlisted my help in searching for an important book hidden away inside.

Completing Burning Secrets

You will need to defeat Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, and Pyroturge Encratis. Speak to Eveli Sharp-Arrow to complete this quest.  Completing this quest will reward you with gold, a skill point, and an Unidentified Black Drake Villa Armaments coffer.

Black Drake Villa Boss Mechanics

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Avatar of Zeal (secret boss #1)

As shown in the video each player must stand on a pressure pad in order to open the trap door. Once activated you can go downstairs, activate the statue and summon the boss.  This boss is VERY simple, just be sure the tank maintains a taunt at all times and turns it away from the group no matter what happens.

Mind Blast! – The boss will occasionally rise up onto its back legs and cast a mind blast-type ability in front of it. It will hit each and every player in front of it repeatedly and hits very hard if received by a dps/healer player. You need to be sure the boss is turned away from the group or the group deliberately place behind the boss when this happens.

Spectral Bambi!? – The boss will occasionally cast a stunning effect that will look like 3 Spectral Indriks charging forwards at once. This should be facing the tank, if for ANY reason this is aimed at a dps/healer, they must block it or be knocked down and take high damage. Stacking the top two mechanics together can get messy really fast so again, be sure the boss is facing the tank and not the group.

Teleport – To keep you on your toes the boss will teleport around the room. When it teleports of course it will aim in the direction of where ever the player with aggro is standing. So if it is looking in the direction of the group has the risk of applying the above two mechanics at range…The tank must think and move quickly to regain control of the boss and turn it around.

Kinras Ironeye

This boss is BIG and MEAN and actually not as tough as he looks, IF you break up the mechanics individually and focus heavily on the mechanics and not the nuke. What i mean by that is, don’t try to make it a race. There is NO “dps check” in this fight, just relax and go through the motions!  Hard mode adds some challenging mechanics for the tank, but again, relax and absorb the differences and it is not too much trouble, especially when you have the Secret boss buff (ice form).

Triple Shot – The Boss will hit the tank with what looks like a light attack. This will place a small aoe on the ground under the tank’s feet. Simply block the hit and move slightly out of the AOE. This will happen THREE times. It’s a very routine-based mechanic so learn it and it won’t be a problem ever. However, if you panic and run around the room you will die. So relax, and just place the AOEs close together and avoid staying in them too long.

Heavy Attack (Swing) – After the Triple shot the boss will attempt to wind up a huge heavy attack at whoever has aggro (should be the tank) you can BLOCK this as a tank, or if you prefer you can dodge roll it. For control’s sake and to not make a mess of the room I would encourage you to block it. If you have this aimed at you as a dps/healer, however, you need to dodge roll it or die.

Banner – The boss will throw a ball of flame up in the air and it will land in a random location of the boss’s choosing. From that explosion will spawn a small fire banner. This will constantly throw fireballs at the group. It can be taunted to make MOST of the damage, however, kill it. If you put this on your list of priorities to focus on, you can get it out of the fight nice and quickly. These will happen throughout the fight around once a minute.

Weapon Throw – The boss will at 75% and 30% throw his weapon to the other side of the room. When this happens his attacks will change slightly. The sides of the room will become unsafe with extra fire damage and also flame aoes will slide across the floor which you should avoid.

Heavy Attack (Hadoken) – This is his unique unarmed heavy attack. He will cast a fireball at range! Be sure to block or dodge this as the tank. If this is aimed at a dps/healer then two things need to be addressed.
    1) You must dodge to avoid it
    2) the tank dropped the taunt!
This ONLY attacks the person with aggro, don’t lose the taunt!

The Floor Is Lava!! – The boss will target random players with spikes and lava-type effects under their feet (much like the add outside) move away from these and avoid standing in them.

Salamanders – During the fight salamanders (you saw these outside) will spawn into the fight. They have a huge flame aura around them and they hit very hard with their heavy attacks. These should be your PRIMARY focus. They MUST die.  If they reach the boss he will get stronger and stronger when he starts to channel his ROAR ability even if you think you have control of them, they will run to him! (be sure to interrupt this).

HOWEVER, the Salamanders and the boss can be dealt with in a DIFFERENT way. IF you have taken out the first secret boss, you have access to the Ice Form buff in the room.  Drag the Salamanders to the boss, take the buff, and HEAVY ATTACK salamanders when they are in the aura with the boss.  The salamanders will turn to ICE instead of FIRE making the Aura do the reverse! He will be weaker!! Yes, that means YOU have the advantage now for a time.

NOTE:   You can link this together with the synergy from ice form in order to not only debuff him but stun him too!  Play tactical with your team and time the ice forms in your group!

Geyser (Hard Mode Only) – This is REALLY simple, if you have been in Bloodroot Forge or Scalecaller Peak you have seen this mechanic before. The boss will apply what LOOKS like a heavy attack on the tank. When the hammer hits the ground a large AOE will spew out volcanic rock attacks. The tank needs to stand on this and plug the hole while holding block or the group will take huge damage and die.

Chains! (Hard Mode Only) – This is a simple and deadly mechanic! Much like the above, this is also in Bloodroot Forge. The boss will chain two members of the group to the ground with a growing AOE under them. The boss must be interrupted as soon as possible to release the group members.  Once they are free they must get OUT of the AOE or take HUGE fire damage.  The spreading AOE is the crucial part as most people think the interrupt is enough…wrong, once you are free, get OUT!

TIPS:  Time your Ice Form buffs with your group and utilize them as much as you can to stun the boss to recover from mistakes OR to make the salamanders weaken him. Each player will be able to take the buff during the fight but you all have a  cool down once you have taken it. So figure out when and where you should use them vs your group’s capability with the mechanics. That secret bonus is quite literally a game-changer.  Also note, using the synergy not only stuns the room but also resurrects your friends!

Avatar of Vigor (secret boss #2)

The boss here is very simple, as shown in the video you can, of course, grab the ice buff and run down the hill quickly to stun it as the fight starts but honestly this is a fairly simple fight. The tank should hold the boss facing away from the group at all times! and the group should stay behind and NOT stack together.

Heavy Attack – This mechanic is pretty self-explanatory, block it!

Geysers – The boss will summon a geyser-type AOE under each player, move out of this before it goes off and you will take no damage. Easy Peasy!

Avatar of Fortitude (secret boss #3)

This boss is very simple but does hit fairly hard. Much like the last one (demonstrated in the video also) this boss can be stunned at the beginning if you make someone pick up the ice buff on time. However as per usual, this boss should be held in the middle of the room facing AWAY from the group

Heavy/Light Attacks – Basic hits for the tank to deal with, be sure to block.

Ice Channel – This is a particularly dangerous mechanic. The boss will look like it is constantly channeling a heavy attack. This is not able to be interrupted and you literally just have to let it happen. The healer needs to really be on point with this mechanic because basically you simply need to out heal it with heals and damage shields. Stay alive!

Ground Ice – It’s rare to happen but if you are in the fight for a long time the boss will cast ice under players at random, simply move out of these.

Captain Geminus

This boss is chaotic as hell! However, with a little bit of focus and a clear mind and this fight can be a lot easier than it looks on the surface. there are some VERY clear mechanics and a lot of it is on the tank making sure the boss doesn’t spin around at the group.

So above all, to those tanks out there! Do NOT drop the boss, and do NOT spin the boss around in circles. She will jump around all over the place, but she is melee AND ranged, so long as she is taunted she will eventually come to you. You are in control of the boss, not the other way around! Relax and focus.  In the meantime, the group should never stack, find your own space.

Heavy Attack – The boss will heavy attack the tank, kind of a jump and stab and occasionally shoot, mechanic. Be sure to block this or you are basically dead. If for any reason this is on anyone BUT the tank, you MUST dodge roll it or you will die.

Beast Traps – The boss will cast beast traps in the room on the ground. Avoid them. If you get caught in them you will be immobilized and take damage over time.

Lightning/Winds – The boss will cast wind-type mechanics in threes. Simply don’t stand in the way of them. They can fire in front or behind her so do not stack as a group else you could all get hit at once and it can be a pain to manage. It’s not an over-the-top aggressive mechanic but it certainly doesn’t help with everything else going on. If you really have nowhere else to go, simply block. But in general, just watch your feet and move around them.

Archers – There will be Archers in the room, blue shadow/spectral-type beings. They have incredibly LOW health but can kill people pretty quickly. They will target random players with a spreading AOE. When it fills up they will be shot and take HIGH damage. 

Interrupt these to stop the mechanic from happening and be sure to kill them as soon as you can. On regular veteran mode you will get 1-2 of these at a time, on hard mode you get 3-4 of them.  These are your PRIMARY target at ALL times. There is NO “dps check” on this fight for the boss so take as long as you like.  Always kill the Archers

Marked!!! – The boss will mark one player at a time on a random rotation. If you are marked your screen will go grey and you will have a long-duration debuff on you. If you are the only one alive it will be with you for MOST of the duration, if not it will jump around. It’s pretty simple, during this phase YOU take more damage from all sources. Make sure you bring those heals!

Channel Fire (Invulnerability Phase) – The boss will go into the middle of the room and be invulnerable to all damage and she will be channeling forcing out multiple fire AOEs across the floor in different directions. AVOID getting hit by these. This mechanic will remain ongoing until the Atronach in the room (see below) is killed.  She will enter this phase roughly around 70% and then again at 30%. In the first phase, there will be 4 flames.  The second phase will be 6!

Air Atronach – When the boss is invulnerable and channeling fire in the middle of the room an Air Atronach will spawn in the room. This needs to be taunted by the tank and turned away from the room at all times.  This target has a HUGE heavy attack which the tank must block and a channeled lightning attack which also should be blocked and/or out healed.

Archers still take priority during this phase so be aware of what is going on around you.  Once the Air Atronach is dead, the boss will come out of her immunity phase.

Fire Wolves – After the first invulnerability phase the boss will spawn 2 wolves on rotation over and over for the rest of the fight. These hit pretty hard against a dps/healer role but the tank should have no trouble. They can be taunted, Stunned, Chained, etc. Time stop or negate bubble works great for managing these. However while they are in the room, they are a problem so they must be killed. They are a priority second to the Archers.

Double Cleave & Bleed! – This is the one that kills the group when tanks get scared of their own shadow. After the invulnerability stage, not only do the wolves come out but she has a new attack.

She will swing her weapon with a LARGE triangle AOE cleave effect in the direction of the tank. This is a direct attack, then almost instantly after she will cast another wider one to go with it. This has a direct hit and carries a HUGE long duration bleed with it. Be sure to turn this away from the group at all costs, and NO group member should be anywhere near it but the tank.

If a DPS/Healer gets hit by this their will either die to the initial hit OR die within just 2 ticks of the bleed. Be careful and do NOT spin the boss around in circles!

Teleport – The boss is pretty much a Nightblade of sorts. She will teleport all over the place. Keep eyes on her as the tank and do NOT drop taunt no matter where she is.

TIP:  Make use of the ice buff whenever you like but I would highly recommend you use it when the wolves come in.  However, if you are an experienced group and can notice when she is going to go into her invulnerability stage, you can PREVENT her for a few seconds from going into that phase and get a free nuke moment. But that will take practice.  Generally use the ice to free up some stress when you need to.

FINAL NOTE:  There is no “dps check” on this fight. If you can interrupt the archers, take as long as you need. it’s ALL mechanics.

Pyroturge Encratis

The Final boss, for a last boss, is actually pretty simple. It’s dramatic for sure but it is straight forward, ESPECIALLY if you have the secret power unlocked. The mechanics are very punishing though if you don’t follow them. Most of it is on the tank and one mess up generally will kill people. So pay close attention to those heavy attacks and AOEs.

The boss should be held as still as possible and turned away from the group at ALL times. The group has NO business being in the boss’s face!  To start with the boss will be fighting you outside, once he hits about 60% health he will heal up and run into the second room. The mechanics are technically the same for the main basics but of course, the back room has some extras.

Flame Thrower – The boss will channel a flame-thrower-type mechanic at the tank. BLOCK THIS! Any dps or healer types stay OUT of the boss’s face. Really simple. DON’T get burned!

Heavy Attack – Pretty straightforward, the boss will heavy attack the tank. Block it. If you drop the boss it will kill others so don’t drop your taunt.

Flaming Vortex! (Feet on Fire omg!) – This looks VERY dramatic, and it is. The boss will channel in the middle of the room with a big circle of fire under his feet. It doesn’t matter how chunky you are, this will KILL you. Get out. Find a space and let him finish his mechanic.

Flame Ghosts – During the Flaming Vortex x2 Flaming ghosts will come out and you will have to kill them. On hardmode however, you will get x4 of them!

Fire Storm – This is the direct opposite of the Flaming Vortex. Instead of getting OUT of the circle, you need to be IN the circle. This time the center is the only safe spot because the WHOLE room will be on fire. While the boss is channeling you can continue to hit him while staying safe from the fire.  During either of the fire phases on Hard mode, watch for the Dragon heads around the room as they will breathe fire and you do not want to be near them.

Geysers!!! – The fun part. The Firestorm in the BACK room is a little different. The boss will jump across the room and you need to get to him in the “safe spot”. Simply run through the MIDDLE of the room and jump into the Geyser. BUT you must be sure you are facing the safe zone, or else you will be pinged into the fire.

Behemoth – This two-hander add you have dealt with before. Whenever the boss is doing the Firestorm mechanic, one of these will spawn. It is crucial that you focus on these.  The tank must turn it away from the group at all times and the group needs to consider this a primary target OVER the boss. He has nasty heavy attacks and will spawn meteors in the room which need to be blocked and/or avoided.

Salamander Trap – Throughout the fight the boss will cast what looks like fast-moving Salamanders at random players, and ONE will have a circle under their feet while a salamander chases them. Also on the floor will be a small circle. Put YOUR circle inside THAT circle and you will be fine. If not, by the time the mechanic is over you will take HIGH fire damage. Either way, the mechanic will go off but that is how you don’t DIE!

Salamander Pit – Salamanders down below in the back room, are there to be annoying.  You can kill them or you can avoid them, it’s up to you. They don’t come out of there anyway.

Flurry/Cleave – The boss will channel a flurry-type Cleave mechanic shown as a SMALL triangle effect in front of him. This must be blocked by the tank and MUST be faced AWAY from the group. DPS or Healers will die to this.

TIPS:  You can turn OFF the Firestorm and Flaming Vortex mechanics by activating your Ice synergy during it and of course kill flaming ghosts, or stun the boss and Behemoth depending on which stage you are at. This can also be timed to STOP him from activating it! So plan your use of that buff with your group for maximum effectiveness!  If you can fully absorb the mechanics, you can actually spend more time hitting a sitting duck than jumping around the room. it will take a little practice though.


Sentinel Aksalaz (super secret boss)

This boss is the SUPER secret boss and can ONLY be activated if you have completed ALL secret bosses!  The regular version of the boss requires the 3 secret bosses prior to this. The hard mode version of this boss requires ALL secrets and ALL hard modes before this!

You each must have 25 wisps at the end of the dungeon to deposit into the statue at the back of the last boss room OR have 100 combined for the entire group. Once you activate the statue he will appear.  One final twist. If you fail this boss 5 times…he will disappear. Pay attention and don’t let him get away!

This boss needs to be kept as STILL as possible to lay off some of the crazy in here, and the tank needs to turn it away from the group at ALL times! He hits HARD, bring heals!

Heavy Attack – Imagine every heavy attack you have ever seen, and put them all together. BLOCK this or be teleported to the dead pile!

On Hard Mode this puts a HUGE damage over time effect on the targets hit by it, you MUST bring big heals for this.

Ice Channel/Spikes – The boss will put his sword into the ground and channel ice AOEs that will spawn under each player. Move your feet so they don’t burst under you. Each player will have 3 of these pop from under them then he will stop. If you get hit you are basically dead so be careful.

On Hard Mode this puts a HUGE damage over time effect on the targets hit by it, you MUST bring big heals for this.

Ice Swing – This is a frontal, multiple hit, moving aoe ability so NO ONE but the tank should be anywhere near this!

On Hard Mode this puts a HUGE damage over time effect on the targets hit by it, you MUST bring big heals for this.

Frostkins/Banekins – These come in the room one at a time (two at a time on hard mode) and MUST be considered your PRIMARY targets. Leaving these in the room to kill people is silly. Kill them. The boss has NO “DPS CHECK” so take as long as you like on the boss, but you must kill the minions.

Ice Comets – Random players will have a HUGE spreading AOE on them. When it reaches maximum an Ice Comet will land on their head. This must be BLOCKED in a SAFE place and NOT stacked on any other players. Throughout the fight, more and more players will get these at once and they must NEVER overlap.

On Hard Mode at 25% health and under all 4x players will have an Ice Comet each per phase, watch your feet, everyone must block their own comet and NO ONE should overlap.

Secret Bosses! – The bosses you fought in the dungeon before come out to play! They have their FULL mechanics like they did before but they are in the room with everything else you have to deal with. This is simple. The tank needs to grab the mini-boss and the main boss and keep them turned away at ALL times.

Each boss will come in at health percentages depending on how fast you are killing the boss (he could be mid-mechanics at the moment and you can over-nuke it).

The first boss will come in at 85%
The second boss will come in at 60%
and the last boss will come in at 35%

Your primary focus is are still on the Banekins if they are in the room but if there are NO Banekins you MUST focus the mini-boss over the main one. You do NOT want to over-nuke the boss and have TWO mini-bosses in the room.  Keep it simple, don’t be stupid.

Whirlwinds! – The boss will cast whirlwinds around the room that spin in an anti-clockwise rotation and you need to stick to the edges and run around without being caught by them. At the same time, the middle of the room is going to explode in ice so you must NOT be in there.  Find a gap, run around in a circle, and come back in when it is all over!

NOTE:  Make sure as a tank you maintain a taunt. Most groups wipe here because when it is all over the boss is loose. Focus!

There is NO ROOM!  (Execute Phase) – 25% and under it is the “execute” phase. Basically, the same rules apply, there is NO race…you do NOT have to make this a FAST phase, take your time and keep your mechanics clean. Even if you are down to 1k dps you can still kill the boss if you are not dead!

Basically, the outside of the room is covered in ice and the whole room is a no-go area apart from the very middle. Here he will continue his basic mechanics. Ice Comets, Banekins, Ice Channel/spikes, everything is the same, but the space is limited.

At the same time, you will not only have the frontal aoe ice attack from the boss but it will be constantly flying in from the sides too and you MUST watch your feet and get in the gaps.  Here you literally rinse and repeat mechanics until he is dead. However long it takes!

TIP:  On hardmode at the END you will have 4x Ice Comets. You must NOT stack, find a corner each quickly (demonstrated in the video), block, and then carry on as normal. Note the Banekins STILL take priority over the boss.


Black Drake Villa Dungeon Loot

Below is a list of all the loot you can expect to find in Black Drake Villa.

On normal the loot is blue and the boss does NOT drop a monster helmet, but on veteran difficulty all of the loot is purple and the main boss DOES drop a special monster helmet.

Note: in dungeons some individual bosses can drop a unique item but generally, the weapons and jewelry (non-named items) come from the last boss. HOWEVER the entire loot table can also drop from trash and chests, so loot everything!  Got the gear in the wrong traits?  Don’t worry!  You can alter the traits by either transmuting or reconstruct the piece with a trait of your choice.  For more information see the Introduction to Transmuting and Reconstructing article.

If you are looking for a matching shoulder monster piece, visit the Undaunted Pledge Master Urgarlag Chief-Bane at the nearest Undaunted enclave.  She sells a 50/50 chance at the shoulder piece as part of the Flames of Ambition Coffer or it could be in her mystery coffer.  You can learn more about the Undaunted in the Undaunted Guide.

Builds That Use Black Drake Villa Gear

Black Drake Villa Achievements

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Perfect Non Meta
Arent Bibliophile

Defeat all encounters in addition to Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, Pyroturge Encratis after raising the challenge banner for each in Veteran Black Drake Villa within 25 minutes without suffering a group member death.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Meta
Black Drake Villa Challenger

Complete the listed achievements for Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Vet Bosses
Black Drake Villa Conqueror

Defeat Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, and Pyroturge Encratis in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Bosses
Black Drake Villa Vanquisher

Defeat Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, and Pyroturge Encratis in Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Boss 2 Hardmode
Breaking Ranks

Defeat Captain Geminus after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Flavor i

Use a geyser to launch yourself into the eye of Pyroturge Encratis’s Firestorm 5 times in Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Boss 1 Hardmode
Eviction Notice

Defeat Kinras Ironeye after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Kill Monsters b
Flame Beast Slayer

Defeat 65 Blazing Salamanders, Flame Hounds, and Fire Behemoths in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Both Vet Complete
Flames of Ambition Delver

Complete both Black Drake Villa and the Cauldron in Veteran.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Pkg Loyalty Reward
Flames of Ambition Explorer

Enter either Black Drake Villa or the Cauldron for the first time.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Both Normal Complete
Flames of Ambition Scout

Complete both Black Drake Villa and the Cauldron in Normal.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Flavor j

Defeat Pyroturge Encratis after killing at least ten Grotto Salamanders during the fight in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Flavor h
Shake It Up

Defeat Captain Geminus without any group member being struck by a Seismic Tremor during the fight in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 All Boss Hardmode
Snuffed Out

Defeat Pyroturge Encratis after raising the challenge banner in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Speed
Speed Reader

Defeat all encounters in addition to Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, and Pyroturge Encratis within 25 minutes of entering Veteran Black Drake Villa. Your timer starts when you engage the first group of enemies.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Kill Monsters a
True-Sworn Slayer

Defeat 200 True-Sworn Soldiers in Veteran Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Quest Book 001
True-Sworn Style Master

Learn every chapter in the True-Sworn style book, found by defeating bosses in Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Achievement Update 29 Dun 1 Deathless

Defeat all encounters in addition to Kinras Ironeye, Captain Geminus, and Pyroturge Encratis in Veteran Black Drake Villa without suffering a group member death.

Black Drake Villa Leads

The following antiquity leads can be acquired in the Black Drake Villa.

ESO In-Game Icon Gear Breton Ring a

The Stainless Imperial Band is part of the Belharza’s Band mythic item.

The dig zone for this lead is found in the Deadlands.

Final Note

Thank you for taking the time to watch the content and read this guide. Be sure on your travels to remember, although once you get very experienced you may make these dungeons much easier and faster… it starts from the ground up and it’s…