Update 32 Introduces The Armory System

ESO Armory System Update 32
October 27, 2021

The Armory Station – More Than A House Decoration

Have you been solo questing in your hybrid build and want to do your daily Undaunted pledges as a tank?  Or perhaps you’re in dungeon gear and decide to join a trial.  Do you have a stable full of developed characters you use only for specific purposes like PVP builds, or trial gear, or solo questing?  

PC players have had an easier time making some of these transitions with the benefits of add ons that offer only limited options, but console players are left with a lot of hassle not only changing gear but also changing attributes, champion points, passives, and more.  Re-specing attributes and cp points not only take time but also require in-game gold.  

Update 32 Is Available For Everyone

Update 32 is a base game update and is available to all players regardless of the platform you play on.  With the Update 32 release, all ESO players will receive a FREE furnishing station for their home called the Armory.  From this station, you will be able to save a build to one or more of the Armory slots.  Armory changes are absolutely free.  Do it once, or do it a hundred times – it costs you nothing.

Each character gets 2 slots FREE but more can be purchased from the Crown Store.   Each slot includes Attributes, Active and Passive Abilities, Equipped items, Champion Points, Vampire or Werewolf Curse, Quickslot items, and Outfit.  Once saved, you can rename the slot and assign it a unique icon.  Simply activate the Armory slot you want to use and the magic happens! 

Inventory In, Inventory Out If You Have The Space

With a push of a button, any items you currently equip move into your inventory.  Everything else is adjusted to the saved build’s specifications.  Since newly unequipped items move into your inventory, you must have inventory bag space available.  It also means that you must have already in your inventory those items needed to complete the build you’re changing to.  Inventory in this case means on your character.  The Armory will not pull items from your bank or other storage areas like coffers.  Items not in your inventory when you activate an Amory slot will be skipped.

What If You’re Not At Home?

Valid point.  Often you will want and need to change up some things on the go.  This update will also introduce us to a new assistant – Ghrasharog.  He will be available for purchase with crowns from the ESO Crown Store.  Similar to other assistants like the Banker Tythis and the Merchant Nuzhimeh, Ghrasharog the Amory Station Assistant can be summoned in most areas and will allow you AND your friends to change up your builds while out and about in Tamriel.

Like other assistants, there are some limitations to where and when Ghrasharog can be summoned.  You won’t be able to activate him in the middle of a Trial, for example, or in PVP areas. While it can be used in PVE content, anything that has a SCORE ticking over, is excluded.  But you can use him beforehand without traveling to your house.

One Important Note About Mundus

Currently, the Armory build slots will not change Mundus stones.  While this may or may not be an important consideration in your builds, it is definitely something to keep in mind while you are developing those builds you plan to save.

Need Ideas For Extra Builds?

I got you covered.  All classes, all roles, all playstyles.  Check out my builds page for more information.

The ESO official news article can be found on The Elder Scrolls Online official website.

The main goal with the Armory system was to reduce the friction for players switching activities or roles in the game. We know a popular strategy with players is to have multiple characters that are each specialized in a particular activity within ESO–having a dedicated crafting character or a dedicated PVP character for example. With the Armory system, they can now have one character do it all.

ESO Armory Station

Introducing the Armory System

Ghrashargo The Armory Assistant

Ghrasharog, the Armory Assistant

Arriving in tandem with the Deadlands DLC, Update 32 will go live November 1 on PC/Mac and November 16 for Xbox and PlayStation consoles. As a base-game patch, Update 32 is free for all existing ESO players with no purchase necessary.

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