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Any class, any race, any role.  The choice is yours! 
The Elder Scrolls Online does NOT restrict you to a specific role per class.
Every single class can play every single role.
Check out this page for detailed information on ALL SEVEN classes.

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The BFG!

Want to lessen the complications of the Arcanist and BEAM ALL DAY with a magical BIG FREAKING GUN!!? Then Look no further for the EASIEST Stamina Arcanist in The Elder Scrolls Online! Simple, effective, infinite sustainability! Literally everything you need!

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The Book Wizard

It's HERE! The first Arcanist build of 2023 for the new Necrom chapter on the channel! This is a ONE BAR HEALER and you are about to see some of the strongest heals in the game! Nothing can compare to the sheer power this pumps out. Healing has never been so easy!

ESO The Keeper Arcanist Tank Build

The Keeper

Every rule about "you must bring this set" you ever heard is OUT of the window! This build brings so many buffs and debuffs on TAP that you have FULL freedom of whatever sets you like to further increase your performance as a responsible Tank/support role! This may possibly be the most efficient tank on the channel! Click to find out more!

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Status Pro

Status Pro – ONE BAR Magika Nightblade Build Written guide updated for : Update 39 Q3 2023 The Status Pro build is all about simplicity and efficiency in a very simple package! An easy way to default interrupt enemies, apply much needed status effects for you AND the group,

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